WS:My Battleground review(Feel free to share your thoughts)?

At first,I thought Battleground was a bad PPV but then I watched Battleground again and I realized I was wrong and all the IWC is saying the PPV sucked but here are my thoughts

Battleground was an epic PPV.

Pre-Show Match-Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow-This was a solid match which could have been great if it went a bit longer but still it was fun and Ziggler picked up the win via Zig Zag. Match Rating-8.5/10

1. Alberto Del Rio(c) vs Rob Van Dam w/ Ricardo Rodriguez-Battleground Hardcore Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship-WOW!!! This match was absolutely epic! This was the best match of 2013! I loved it from start to finish! I loved how they used the weapons! There were great,crazy spots! They used the Hardcore stipulation perfectly! Match Rating-10/10

2. The Great Khali and SantinoMarella vs The Real Americans-This was a typical Raw/Smackdown match at best but guys what made this good was that INSANE Giant Swing by Cesaro on Khali! THAT WAS INSANE! Match Rating-7/10(Just because of the Cesaro Swing)

3. Curtis Axel vs R-Truth-Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship-This was a boring match...Everyone knew R-Truth had no chance in hell to win this match but I knew this match was gonna be horrible and I was right.This was the worst match on the card. Match Rating-5/10

4. AJ Lee(c) vs Brie Bella-Singles Match for the Divas Championship-This was a solid Divas Match with AJ targeting Brie's arm and in the end,AJ picked up the win via a Rollup after Tamina started attacking Nikki Bella distracting Brie. Match Rating-6/10

5. The Rhodes Brothers vs The Shield-This was a classic tag team match.The storytelling was great.It was emotional and overall,it was an awesome match! The Rhodes Family hugging after the match was a great moment! Great Stuff by both teams! Oh and how can I forget Dusty's bionic elbow! Match Rating-9.5/10

6. Bray Wyatt vs Kofi Kingston-Solid Match.Bray's crabwalk was freaky lol I though Bray was gonna squash Kofi but Kofi gave him a good fight. Match Rating-7/10

7. CM Punk vs Ryback-I don't why is everyone bashing this match? It was not a classic by any means but it was still very good and the low blow finish was necessary to make neither man look weak and to continue the feud. Match Rating-8.5/10

8. Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton-Singles Match for the vacant WWE Championship-This was another awesome match! The best Bryan/Orton match we've ever seen! It topped their lackluster NOC match...The finish made sense in terms of booking instead of giving Bryan another win and making Orton look weak or destroying Bryan's momentum by giving Orton the win.Big Show knocked out everyone and the match ended in a no contest.Smart Booking by WWE. Match Rating-9/10

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    ADR vs RVD: Very good opener, among ladder, chairs, kendo stick I had a lot of fun. Happy for Alberto, finally he won clean. 7,5/10

    Khalì, Santino vs Real Americans: The phenomanal giant swing saved the match. 6/10

    R-Truth vs Curtis Axel: A normal match we can see every monday on Raw. 6/10

    A.J Lee vs Brie Bella: Prettier than the last month, Brie is improving her wrestling skills. 6/10

    Cody, Goldust vs Shield: Match of the night in my opinion. Great storytelling, in ring action, booking, and the crowd was good too. 7,5/10

    Bray vs Kofi: I had fun. I didn't think they could make a good,but they did it. 6,5/10

    CM Punk vs Ryback: Shittest match of the card, Ryback sucks why is he still in WWE? 5,5/10

    Main Event: Really good match, but ruined by a horrible final not only because there was no winner. 7,5/10

    PPV: 3 very good match and a normal midcard with no bad matches except Punk-Ryback, watchable though. 7/10

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  • 7 years ago

    Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow - 10/10

    Alberto Del Rio vs Rob Van Dam - 10/10

    The Great Khali & Santino Marella vs The Real Americans - 10/10

    Curtis Axel vs R - Truth - 7/10

    Aj Lee vs Brie Bella - 10/10

    The Rhodes Brothers vs The Shield - 8/10

    Bray Wyatt vs Kofi Kingston - 10/10

    CmPunk vs Ryback - 8/10

    Power Outage - 2/10

    Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton - 10/10

    Final Rating.......8 1/2 / 10!

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