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Price of a M1 grand, M1 carbine and the svt40?

I need price ranges and to know for sure if their unrestricted or restricted.

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    Are you in America? Or in Canada? Not sure if Canada is a bit different, but if you want a military grade version of what you listed, you're not going to be importing it any longer. Obama signed into law that states any import of these military weapons are no longer valid. This means that if a M1 Garand, for example, was sold to a country that was going to be used for war, but it never did, it used to be that they could sell it back to someone in the USA provided they filled out a ATF form, and paid in the area of a few thousands. Once it's been used in combat or if it's a automatic version, then it was not allowed for import back.

    With that in mind, since it's basically at the area of whatever is left in stock, it basically means that you're going to pay a lot now. Probably a few more thousands than it was and pretty soon a lot more.

    That doesn't stop civilian sales of the guns though. A civilian manufacturer foreign or domestic can still purchase one for about the same price as it was before though a few confused people about the new law might think this is last chance to get a M1 Garand/Carbine so it might raise the market a bit here. A M1 Garand and M1 Carbine are both available for build by Fulton Armory. I highly recommend going with them and seeing the pricing of it. They make excellent M1 Garands and known in the industry as one of the best builders out there.

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