why do some think others should happily take less medical care than they need while others?

Get all they need because they work for the government or have more money

What kind of humane health bill was that?

Other countries have made equal fair care treatment bills "for all" and it cost less than the US. And they have options with doctors and about their are care it's not up to others to decide.

I don't care we didn't do it before--this bill was was suppose to make it better FOR ALL. My health care plan now is cutting and cutting service. Many companies are cutting out family plans. You can buy more of course if you have the money.

How can you humanly claim you care when you support a bill like this as National Health? We can do better and we should

It's not that hard.


Single pay does not mean everyone gets crappy care--that is a lie

Update 2:

People don't seem to get -it shouldn't be a matter of which "party" plan is better, when they both suck. And it's the people who should be asking for equal care for all of both. From the very beginning that should have been. But party favors won out over Better care for all.

This bill goes through it's putting more under government rule and will cost many what they can't afford for a long long long time. Foolishly some will say they will change it--that will take even longer once in affect.

If you care -put it on hold and demand better, otherwise let the people who didn't get the care because they couldn't afford blood be on your hands and there will be many

When you accept less--that's jut what your going to get.

Update 3:

Lone Wolf, been to your country and hurt my leg while there, got excellent service for a couple of weeks. Paid 15 dollars I believe for some meds that was total amount.

Some actually sprout off you don't get good care there we have better--and that's not true, it's a lie. We are getting lower on the scale all the time/.

That's the problem here people and their party favors--rather than look at what their getting and "refusing to settle for less". Instead you hear but they wouldn't let us to this or that. Or it's better --it isn't. And it's going to hurt plenty. It's us who should rule here.

They should Say no to this bill and demand another until it is Equal GOOD CARE for all.But they won't. And instead they say but we do care--it certainly doesn't show it

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  • 7 years ago
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    Ahh the advantages of being British. Access to healthcare and no charge shame many Americans can't get their head round socialised medicine. Life will go on as before you vote, you pay your taxes youll have your illegal wars for oil profits but you'll have access to a doctor. Correct if I'm wrong but don't your taxes pay your police force so what's the difference? Greedy bastards at the top making too much money out of your crappy health system that comes stone dead last vs other countries. Why should people be allowed to die so some toss pot (look it up) can get rich.

    @asker glad we could help. In my country you can be given a life saving treatment for nothing and you'll live. I know Americans who live here and won't go home because of our National Health service.

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  • justa
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    7 years ago

    You also get a subsidy so you can afford it. Companies have been cutting family plans for decades now. it was even a problem under Clinton.

    We did discuss a universal single payer plan, that was what Obama wanted, the Republicans started out by calling it a communist socialist plan. And it got worse from there. That's when Obama negotiated and compromised, and this is what we got.

    The government isn't making decisions at all, you still have insurance companies doing that, and I don't think that's any bargain either, but when you negotiate and compromise you have to give up some things.

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  • Steve
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    7 years ago

    Wow, what a notation. Seems to me that it is this kind of either indifference or pissed of at the

    world attitude that has been the main reason why our country even with all the good things

    about it has had one of the worst programs in regards to health care. The new affordable health

    care law known as obama care has been put in place to not only make health care more affordable

    for everyone regardless of who the are etc. but to also add security measures etc. like the one

    that prevents your insurance from being cancelled because of a pre-existing condidtion. I realize

    that there are so many of you who for whatever reason don't feel that you have the same voice as

    others. I realize that there are many of you whom have become so spoiled yourselves that it is

    difficult to realize that the world doesn't evolve round you. I realize that there are so many of you

    who feel that the best way for you to be happy is to to vent / ***** / complain if others even

    appear to have any benefit that you yourself either don't feel that you need or want - at least for

    right now. I would sincerely suggest that all of you with such closed minded views and opinions

    take a moment from the Fox News channel or whatever and view the obama care.com website.

    Perhaps after reading and reviewing all the good points about this new health care law it may

    be enough for you to at least think about reconsidering your opinion and view on this as well

    as other issues.

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  • 7 years ago

    Stabenow Calls Out Cruz for His Advocacy IN FAVOR of 'Government-Run' Healthcare

    By Ernest A. Canning on 10/10/2013, 9:04pm PT

    Extremist 'Tea Party' Republicans like to pretend they are patriots --- so much so that when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) complained this week that the government shutdown he helped engineer had forced the elimination of Veteran's Administration healthcare services, he belatedly discovered that he had painted himself into an impossible corner.

    Well, he didn't discover it on his own. Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) helped him to notice that he was ardently advocating on the Senate floor for the Veteran's Administration health care system, which, unlike "ObamaCare", is an actual government run healthcare system of the type that Cruz pretends to abhor so much he was willing to lead his party to shutting down the entire government to block it.

    "I just wanted to be clear," Stabenow asked Cruz during his floor speech advocating re-opening the VA as part of the GOP's desperate effort to re-open only those parts of government they approve, "Because the Senator from Texas has, in fact, made the ending of a private sector, competitive health care system for up to 30 million Americans part of what he wants to stop. I just wanted to be clear that the fully government-funded, government-run --- with government doctors --- system through the Veteran's Administration system is something that you are advocating we continue to fund through the federal government?"

    Cruz couldn't say much more in response than: "The answer is yes. I believe we should fully fund the VA."

    Unlike "Obamacare", a private health insurance operation merely overseen by the government, the VA healthcare system that Cruz was advocating for, actually is a full-blown, government-run healthcare system. Or, as the heroic Republicans now like to deride it: A government takeover of healthcare!

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Oh, man, you faked me out!

    TYour bold print makes me think you are about to rail AGAINST re-distribution, and then you pull the swetcheroo and rail FOR it!

    Well Done!

    but it's a complete logic fail. Simgle payer means EVERYBODY gets equally crappy health-care.

    You don't argue that people who have more money should not drive a nicer car or have a bigger house, do you?

    Why is health-care any different?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The problem was that dems compromised with republicans to get their support. Public option was taken out. Single payer was gutted. They already tried to destroy the bill. They are still at it.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Once socialized medicine hits in a decade or 2, Obamacare will have served it's ultimate goal. If the right wasn't so stingy we would have it already.

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  • John
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Being a US citizen is the only qualification needed.

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  • 7 years ago

    Ask Obama...it's his "health care" law....

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