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Do people honestly think that Alabama is better than Oregon?

Teams who can beat Alabama



-Florida State



-Texas A&M

These are all the teams I think are capable of beating Bama, not who I think are better. Bama doesn't always do great against spread offences so that's why Florida State and Baylor are on my list, not because I think they are better.

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    All those teams can beat Alabama, yes, but A&M already failed to beat them, and neither Oregon, Baylor, or FSU to me are unproven since they haven't won a significant game yet (Oregon will if they beat Washington today)

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    7 years ago

    stanford and oregon are the only ones who id pick over bama on a consistent basis.

    i honestly (not because im a tennessee fan) think that the pac 12 is better than the sec and oregon and stanford are better than the best sec teams. i mean if you look at alabamas schedule for instance, yeah, they play a lot of top teams, but the other half of the sec is absolute trash (my team) and they face about 3-5 cupcakes per year... between conference games.

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    They won back to back titles they should be no.1 i could see if they strugled in every game but they havrnt

    Oregon is my team but we lost to Auburn and LSU teams who are not as good as bama so i will always think a SEC team is better until Oregon beats a top EC team not a Tennesse

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    On any given day one team can beat another team...

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    Don't count out the Mizzou Tigers.

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    7 years ago

    I hate Alabama and the losers who cheer for them. I know, not good sportsmanship, but that's how I feel.

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