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How did the steam engine change peoples lives?

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    The steam engine provided the first economical transportable and reliable source of energy and power for many things.

    Steam engines were the moving force behind the Industrial Revolution and saw widespread commercial use driving machinery in factories, mills and mines; powering pumping stations; and propelling transport appliances such as railway locomotives, ships and road vehicles. Their use in agriculture led to an increase in the land available for cultivation

    The steam engine resulted in the development of the railways where engines provided the power source. Steam ships were much faster and made sea voyages more reliable and safer Steam engines were used to power industrial plants, water wheels and to provided heat. This dramatically changed industry making all of the above much more powerful and easier to use. Before everything ad to be dome by hand now machines could do it saving a lot of human effort and making production cheaper and more efficient

  • tuffy
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    The steam engine brought England into the Industrial Revolution in the last half of the 1700's. The steam engine supplied power to a machine or a series of machines through a combination of pulleys and belts that could produce identical items per hour rather than a few items by a craftsman per day. The prices of everyday items became less because it now cost less to manufacture.

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