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do girls hate or like different guys?

so, im a guy who is kind of different than other guys. im kind of creative and draw, play guitar and sing, and film it and take photos, i LOVE animals, especially cats, and i want to volunteer in something about animal protection or Amnesty (both my father and mother have voulenteered in amnesty and other organizations to stop world hunger and people from war-countries) and i work hard at school and get very good grades, and my teachers is always bragging about me to other teachers and my class haha xD and i spend much time with my family and i love them, and make sure all of my sibling and parents are okay and good, and if someone mess with them or their friends, i would be there in a second. i can get pretty angry.

but i dont have very many friends, some girlfriends (as friends). and i might think it is about my look. people say i look feminine, but girls say i look pretty though. people say i have cheekbones, and im extremely skinny (naturally and genetic) and I'm taller than most people and that makes me look thinner. I have black eyebrows, and longs naturally black eyelashes, blue eyes with a little bit of green and brown in the middle. and i love fashion. I have short light brown/dark blonde hair. i have more friends that are girls than guys, because i dont like playing tv games so much. i think they think im gay (and why would that be a problem anyway?). Im not religious. girls have asked me to go shopping makeup with them, and they call me crazy in a positive way, they say.

but the question is do girls like different guys?

or do they only like the rich guys who screams "yolo" and "swag" and sh** like that, who dont have respect for women? because honestly it seems like they are the ones getting al of the girls.


hahah, me thinking I'm a special snowflake? okay, now i have heard that too.

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    I like u and I would want a guy that is different from all of them because all those YOLO and SWAG guys are annoying and I pretty much hate them mostly the ones that think they are so cool when they are not

    Source(s): 14 yr old girl
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    Yes - both. depends on the individual girls doesn't? Girls are not all alike. Some are different too.

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    I like you Qwertyui

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    They only hate you if you are not their type.

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  • 7 years ago

    Some do, some don't, and some don't have a clue.

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