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How are americans celebrating genocide today?

always amazed that americans are still so barbaric as to celebrate their mass murder and butchery. it would be like the Germans having an Aushwitz Day. But Ive always wondered exactly how americans celebrate killing and stealing. do they pretend to massacre natives for fun? steal people's land? do they play games of kidnapping and raping native kids?

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    Yawn yet another worthless troll question.

    Why is it the IDIOTS who ask these questions fail to acknowledge that those peace loving "Native Americans" were murdering and slaughtering (genocide) other groups of "Native Americans" who weren't in their "tribes" so that THEY could seize the land/territory of those they murdered? (Sound familiar?)

    So Mr. Cree here are some indisputable facts for you.

    1. There were many migrations to this continent over the last 20-30 thousand years. Some came from Asia, some came from Europe and some even came from Polynesia.

    2. It was quite common for new comers (even Native Americans as it were) to murder/massacre or drive others from the land (steal) they wanted for their own. (Sound familiar?)

    3. It was quite common for those "Native Americans" to kidnap women from other tribes, to murder the children and men from those other tribes and to take slaves from those other tribes. (sound familiar?)

    4. It was quite common for the victorious tribe to celebrate the murder of innocents and theft of their lands. (sound familiar?)

    5. All of what I just listed is well documented if you'll bother to read something more than a Government School history book.

    Those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones.

  • See the completely disconnected, uneducated ignorant answers? Products of the American educational system.

    Canada does NOT celebrate or even acknowledge Columbus as the discoverer of anything. In fact, our history texts acknowledge that Leif Ericsson was here looooooong before Columbus, and several Viking settlements too. Of course, our history texts don't make them out to be discoverers either.....because you can't discover a land that is already inhabited.

    Its mighty silly that Americans still celebrate such a nonsense holiday.....which is likely why several States have dropped the day, and celebrate different things/and why many Central and South American countries celebrate their Indigenous instead......especially considering Columbus never even set foot in North America at all.

    Source(s): Klanada. Where Thanksgiving is a harvest feast...NOTHING at all to do with cannibalistic pilgrims and how they betrayed the indigenous that helped them survive. No Columbus day here.
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    Dear Dumbass... Columbus day isn't just a United states holiday. It's celebrated by most countries in the Western Hemisphere. Canada would be one of the few that celebrate Thanks Giving on the same day. It's a day that celebrates Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas. That includes Canada. It has nothing to do with Native Americans. It's about the discovery of a new land not taking it over. Please try to learn history better.

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    Have you ever read anything fair about Columbus? You have a really jaded view. I guess if there were Neanderthals around to complain about how unfair it was to their people when **** sapiens came into their lands you'd say foolish things about that migration, too. People have always moved. There have always been winners and losers. Why don't you read about what Columbus found in the New World-the gentle people and the cannibals enslaving them and eating them. I'm not saying that all Spaniards of that era were sweethearts, but Columbus was no monster. He was not allowed to stay and be governor and protect the natives from the poor, mainly criminal, sailors who he had to use to man his ships. You take events out of their historical contexts because you have little knowledge.

    Perhaps then read how the Blackfeet were associated with neighboring tribes in the northwest.

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    Wow - glad chaz told me that Columbus Day is a Canadian holiday....42 years in this country & I never knew that.....

    It's pointless to ask Americans questions where they are not wearing the "white hat" and being heroes. They really don't accept any other version of history.

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    if you are referring to Columbus Day, it is not today.

    we can celebrate the good that came out of his voyages, but still mourn the bad

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