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R&P: What does alternative really mean?

this applies and makes the most sense, no?

so isn't it safe to say that alternative has no real bearing anymore?

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    Your clip is accurate.I first noticed the phrase alternative in the post punk years.Bands sprung up all over the place."The Fall" with Mark E Smith being one.Impossible to put a label on them.Over the years it became trendy to be alternative.Sort of overused which killed it.

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    Yeah, it's a blanket term nowadays.

    Genres are kind of loose these days, honestly. I think people use them to try to judge what the artist will sound like and it doesn't work very well. Try tagging System of a Down, for example. How can you place them in a genre when they don't sound like anything else?

    Easy. They sound odd, they're hard to place, but they sound *kinda* metal. So, alternative metal. Boom. Done.

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    Hi J.J.C!

    I always thought alternative meant, to not be part of the popular grouping.

    Alternative as, not part of the norm / the populist.

    Source(s): Music lover, good luck!
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    Music cant just be "alternative" it has be alternative *insert genre*. It has to be another forn of the genre

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    It's like that thing or song doesn't fit specifically into that group or genre. Like alternative rock. It's not the definition of rock, it may have more similarities to rock than any other genre but it doesn't entirely fit into the rock genre. I hope that makes sense...

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