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Is the F-35 a really good multi-role fighter jet?

I heard that there are 3 different versions of the plane and I have seen it...and it seems to be very expensive...almost too expensive for a country who spends the most on it's military in the entire world...

What's the deal with this Jet? only 63 built...I wonder if it is better than the F-22.

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  • Bob P
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    6 years ago
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    It has potential. But... The "C" model's tailhook does not 'catch' the arresting gear wire on a carrier deck very well making the Navy version unusable on an aircraft carrier. First fix was not very good, second fix will destroy the aircraft's stealth ability. The "B" model STOL version is developing structural cracks with only about 100 hours on the airframe making the Marine Corps version a piece of junk. All the Gator Navy Flattops have to have their decks reinforced to prevent warping from the exhaust heat during repeated landings. There are no reported major discrepancies with the 'A' model, but the Air Force never admits embarrassing stuff.

    The electronic helmet is proving to be bulky and makes the pilots head hard to move under G loads.

    The aircraft doesn't have a bright future, but they might work the kinks out. 63 is a good number for the length of time it has been in production. But comparing it to the F22 with it's severe limitations is not a good comparison.

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    F-35 will be a legendary aircraft, if Lockheed Martin delivers everything they have quoted. But looking at how things have went, we can call it a bad attempt or unpractical attempt. Simply they are trying too much. Also Same aircraft for Navy and Air force,90% commonality of spares, multirole aircraft, without compromising stealth is not an easy target to achieve. Even now if some F-35 requirements are compromised and if they reduced the requirement to achieve say 70% commonality between Air force and Navy, they can deliver it before 2018 and save a lot of costs. Else delays and cost overruns are inevitable.

    F-22 Raptor has only one goal, air-superiority fighter with maximum stealth close to 100% unlike F-35 which has a too complicated requirement. F-22 Raptor also needs too much maintenance and the cost of manufacturing and maintaining it is very high even for USA. It also has many issues, like oxygen supply to pilots not working, while raining it cannot fly sometimes, many unknown issues too. That is the reason USA went for a more cost-effective and all time flight capable F-35, with less maintenance hours, that ended up like this.

    Also, I don't understand, why not USA reduce its military spending to stop the recent economic crisis. USA have closed down all the non-essential government offices to cut back the salaries. If they are in that much trouble, why not hold some of your military projects like F-35? Surely F-35 is not better than F-22. But its flight worthiness and multirole capability is more needed than F-22's air superiority.

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    I actually knew some folks involved in developing the jet. The development team had a lot of concerns about creating another Phantom by trying to create a multiple role aircraft. It has a lot of good points but as a multiple role aircraft it's good at everything but great at nothing. It's going to take years to fully develop each version and work out the kinks in the designs. The engineers are already having to make multiple version each customized to fit roles which defeats the entire purpose of having a multiple role aircraft in the first place. As for the F-22 it's an interceptor and a fighter, it's designed to move fast be highly maneuverable and kill anything that it meets in the air.

    Roughly every 30 years someone tries to build a multiple role aircraft and then we have to adapt them before going back to specializing. The F-4 Phantom, the F-14, the F -35. All are excellent planes but all required massive amounts of corrections before they were useable and ultimately everything except the F-35 had their contract cancelled and specialized planes replaced them. We'll see what happens with the F-35, but odds are they'll have to a lot of modifications and for each model and take it from a multiple role aircraft to a limited role aircraft to meet each element of the Military they are made for.

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    Prior to cutting the number on order, it was a lot cheaper. The more you build/order, the cheaper the unit cost is. Since we cut back on our orders, and many of the foreign countries that wanted them have since dropped out, the cost has gone up to the point that a lot of people question whether it's even worthwhile since the technology inside it is a lot more significant than the airframe, which really isn't that special.

    There's only 63 built because they only just started building them. The three different variants for for the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, with the latter being the first to enter/be rushed into service to replace the aging (and universally hated) Harrier. It is not, and never was claimed by anyone with any level of authority on the subject to be a superior dogfighter over the F22. The problem with the F22 is that intercepting aircraft is its specific role, while a multi-role fighter such as the F16, F18 and F35 is more adaptable.

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  • 6 years ago

    The F-35 maybe OK, but like all advanced aircraft, the more advancements one puts in them, the more something can go wrong. Since it's probably going to be the last western piloted aircraft, the U.S. military has not wanted to abandon it. On a side note, most countries are decreasing their military expenses so the F-35 will most likely be going up against advanced SAMs rather than other aircraft.

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