Are the Colts the most complete team in the AFC?

They don't seem to have many holes in their team. They are ranked top 5 in rushing and passing yards per game. Their passing defense is ranked #10 in the NFL. They will also almost certainly be ranked top 10 in sacks after tonight's game. On the flip side, their offensive line is doing a much better job of keeping Luck upright this season. They also already have big wins over the Seahawks and 49ers. Their only issue so far is that their run defense has looked a little soft, but that's about it.

I really think they are the most complete team in the AFC and at this point, I think they are the most likely to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Many will say the Patriots and Broncos are way better and blah blah blah, but I don't see it.

Your thoughts?


Chaos, you need to stop idolizing Peyton Manning and wake up to reality. Von Miller cannot and will not make their defense good. The Broncos will obviously win a shootout with almost any team, but once they actually play against some teams that have a defense and are offensively capable, they will be humbled.

Update 2:

The Chiefs have the best defense by far out of these teams but Alex Smith will not win them the game if their defense falters even a little. Jamaal Charles can only do so much.

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    Colts fan here.

    I'd say the Colts or Patriots are the most complete/balanced team right now. The Patriots also have a very highly ranked defense and running game. So don't overlook that. And I think by the end of the year Brady and his rookie receivers will be working pretty smoothly.

    I think the Colts may be the most balanced. Now just because I said the Colts and Patriots are the most balanced teams in the AFC doesn't mean that I think they are probably the best. The Broncos are not as balanced, but they may be the best. The Broncos are pass heavy and don't have as strong of a running game or defense as was demonstrated by the Cowboys and Jags games. But the Broncos definitely have an explosive offense that is somewhat unrivaled this year.

    My top 4 teams for the AFC are the Colts, Patriots, Broncos and Ravens. If the Ravens can get their passing game going they could be right back in the hunt.

    Broncos - History setting passing game. Need to get better at the rushing game. Defense shows great weakness at times. Peyton can be vulnerable if you rush him well without blitzing like the Jags did. The secret is to get hits on Peyton and shake him up some. He's not very mobile and not very good at passing on the run. Make Peyton move!

    Patriots - Brady is off and on with his level of play. Don't allow him to linger around. The Colts need to play him like the 49ers. Rush the ball and keep Brady off the field. And play tight coverage on the receivers forcing Brady to hold onto the ball longer.

    Ravens - They still have a good defense and good rushing game. Flacco just can't seem to get the passing game going. They lack the receivers to. Flacco's salary will kill them. This team had a lot of depth of talent. They are still good.

    Colts - They have the most balance. They can run the ball and play smashmouth football better than any team in the AFC. The 49ers game and Seahawks games are testament to that. They also can be a very prolific passing team. Their passing stats may not look spectacular. But if you look at last year, it shows you how powerful their passing game can be. And they have more passing weapons than las year. Not to mention the rushing game opens up their passing game even more. However they'll make a few mistakes here and there that can be their undoing. And I don't think they can post huge points like the Broncos can. If the Colts defense can't stop Peyton a few times, the Indy offense may not be able to keep up point for point. Also don't discount the Colts special teams unit. They did an awesome job in the Seahawks game.

    The Chiefs have a great rushing attack. That could pose problems for the Broncos. But I don't think they could hang in there with the Broncos, Patriots or Colts. They possibly could with the Ravens. The reason why I have the Ravens in there instead is because they could get lucky and make a good run against the Broncos, Patriots, and Colts. They've shown they can beat all three teams regularly in the past at times.

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    they are one of the complete teams as of right now. id take a 100% 49ers, 100% broncos, 100% seahawks team than a 100% colts team

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    Denver Broncos's offense is worlds better than any other team in the AFC. 44.2 PPG is just absurd. That's +13.7 PPG on #2, Dallas Cowboys and +16.4 PPG to #2 in AFC, Colts. I probably don't need to explain their passing offense. As for their rushing, lets put things into perspective... the Broncos are only going to be facing AFC teams in the playoffs prior to the Super Bowl and we're talking about the most complete team i the AFC. Currently, the AFC as a conference is struggling in rushing. Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno is only #13 in total rushing yards in the league, yet is #3 in the AFC only behind Foster and Charles. Considering Peyton's dominance and the RB-by-committee in Denver, Monero's 373 rushing yards, #3 ranking in the AFC and 4.7 YPC is pretty impressive in my opinion. By the way, Monero's 4.7 YPC is only #2 in the AFC behind Tate (#7 in the league). So yeah, the sheer dominance of the Broncos passing game as in effective, made their running game very efficient and surprisingly middle-of-the-pack good.


    Von Miller, Von Miller, Von Miller. His temporary-absence and value cannot be underestimated when properly judging the 2013 Broncos defense. He was a top 3 most valuable defensive player last season (alongside Watt and Atkins) for good reason. He is the complete package at linebacker when he's on the field (his personal issues have nothing to do with his on-field performance, and I seriously doubt he needs performance enhancers to dominate like he did last season). He can obviously rush the QB and often commands two defenders or the opposing team's best linemen, opening up holes for other Broncos. Forcing teams to double up or use their best on Miller can only have a positive effect on the Broncos awful passing defense. Again, I know Miller isn't out there to physically cover anyone (well, he might cover the slot receiver or tight end here and there), but ANY secondary can struggle badly--including a Jets one with GOAT Revis and Cromartie--when the QB has all day to throw. This will change with Miller's return, so lets judge the Broncos' secondary again in a couple of weeks. It's a real shame the Broncos lost Elvis because of an incompetent agent and fax machine, but Shaun Phillips should be able to make up for Elvis's production. The Broncos already have the league-best rushing defense (69.8 rush yards per game), so that's not an issue. Having Miller and his 50 tackles or so won't negatively change that in any way. It's the passing part that they are struggling with, and having an elite pass rusher will help them greatly.

    Special Teams:

    Denver Broncos have one of the best, if not the best, special team in the NFL. Special teams is often an overlooked part... in the general football game and as an aspect of the Broncos's success. Matt Prater is money and Trindon Holliday is flash. I seriously think he's the fastest player in the NFL. Speed + return specialist whose sole placement on the team is to return kicks/punts + actual skills returning kicks is a deadly combination. Think Devin Hester before the Bears tried incorporating him in their passing game. I mean, the ridiculously dumb new kickoff spot hurts Trindon's value, but as evident on September 29 against Philly, he can still burn an opposing team's special team anytime they kick the ball to him. Even if teams started kicking away from him, at the very least, he'll help the Broncos win the field positioning battle.

    I'm tired of these "savvy" Super Bowl picks. I'm a huge Luck fan and still hyped him as the best QB out of last year's draft prior to this season (despite Luck's interceptions last season, my love for Kaepernick, RGIII winning the ROY and Wilson seemingly having the best team around him). But still, the Broncos are going to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl barring an unfortunate injury to one player. Deal with it.

    2012 Broncos defensive rankings with Von Miller

    4th in points allowed per game (18.1 points allowed per game)

    2nd in yards/game (290.8 yards/game)

    3rd in rushing yards/game (91.1 rushing yards/game)

    3rd in passing yards/game (199.6 passing yards/game)

    The group is only more experienced together this season. You need to stop trying to be savvy, realize that special teams is apart of "balance teams" (just ask any Chargers fan) and wake up to reality... the Broncos are currently dominating teams without their second best player who just happens to be a top 5 defensive player in the NFL.

    Also, the Cowboys and Ravens can be considered as teams that have a defense and are offensively capable. Considering how the season is only six weeks young, the Cowboys and Ravens small-sample size defensive rankings would be much better if you eliminate the beating the Broncos offense gave them.

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    Nope. Not even Broncos and Patriots. Chiefs are u idiots

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