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Why did Fast and Furious target drug lords who were working for the FBI?

“Drug Lords” Targeted in Fast & Furious Worked for FBI

'... the ATF zeroed in on a suspected gun trafficker named Manuel Fabian Celis-Acosta. He was detained in May of 2010, questioned, and eventually released after promising to cooperate with investigators seeking to track down two supposed “drug lords.”

Those two cartel chiefs, it turned out, were actually already on the FBI’s payroll. ... both of the men were considered "national security assets" who were "off limits” and “untouchable."'

What was the real purpose of shipping thousands of assault weapons to supposed drug lords who were actually on the FBI payroll?

Was there perhaps some other plan to use these weapons for some other purpose in Mexico?

Why was the ATF investigating people who were working for the FBI?

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    Given that "Fast and Furious" was a continuation of a Bush administration program we must assume that it had been ongoing for at least five and possibly ten years. How this kind of bureaucratic foul up could last that long os probably fairly simple.

    It is well known that the FBI does not play well with others. At the best of times it is secretive and plays alone. It is famous for telling law enforcement partners nothing that the Bureau itself feels they need to know. The ATF would therefore not have been advised.

    Further, there are sound intelligence reasons to protect highly placed informants. A leak would quite possibly end their lives. To further complicate things these people might have simply been informing on business competitors to assist their own criminal efforts and not been protected informants as such.

    Essentially it comes down to the FBI being close with their information. Quelle surprise!

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