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Can I put chocolate syrup into yellow cake mix to make it like swirl type cake?

Or will the chocolate syrup get burnt or something. should I wait till it's partially cooked and then add the chocolate or just not add it? I \want a yellow cake with chocolate marble swirl, please. Thank You.


Do I swirl it in before I start to cook it(the cake mix and chocolate syrup)? thanks.

Update 2:

So mix the syrup with the cake batter (one cup or whatever)together because the syrup weights too much and will sink to the bottom?

I've never use the inside of an oven before.

Update 3:

Thanks, but I only have chocolate syrup for hot chocolate and ice cream.

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    Take out a cup (or whatever) of cake batter before you pout it into the pans. Mix the batter with the chocolate and then swirl it in.

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    Kelby and Geri are right. I would recommend dividing the batter in 1/2. In the half you want chocolate add melted chocolate rather than syrup to keep a good consistency of finished cake. The syrup will make the cake bake unevenly. Melt about 2-3 squares of semi-sweet baking chocolate over low heat with about 1 tablespoon butter. Stir into the batter. Pour white cake 1/2 into pan/s and blob the chocolate half on top. Swirl and bake as directed. The flavor will be far superior to using syrup or cocoa powder as well. It is worth the extra fussing.

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    Usually cocoa powder is added to a small amount of the batter in a small bowl and mixed well. Then when you fill the baking pans pour the chocolate mixture on top of the yellow batter and swirl lightly with a drawing the letter "S" a couple times. Fun when you take it out of the oven you can't wait to see the results. Good luck!

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