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Can I get rid of Cellulite in a week?

I have a Halloween rave coming up and I want to be able to show off my body i'm not overly fat just a lil chubs but anyway I have cellulite on my tummy and upper thighs and I really want to get rid of it! if not rid then at least lesson it because I want to feel confident..! Also in your opinion does tanning make people appear thinner? IF I CAN RID OF CELLULITE IN A WEEK please give me all the home remedies and what not I don't wanna spend a billion dollars.

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    Cellulite sucks because, well, if your mom has it, chances are you do too (aka it's genetic). Lumpy, bumpy skin is caused when fat presses up against the vertical connective tissue that surrounds fat cells in our thighs, for example. This creates a bulging of the cells, resulting in a dimpled effect (picture your skin pushing through fishnet stockings).

    But even if it runs in your family, there are ways to minimize its appearance...

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    I also want to get rid of cellulite till Halloween so i have tried this and it is reduced to some extent:

    Its an oral remedy:

    Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into an 8 ounce glass of water.

    Optionally add a small amount of honey as a sweetener.

    Drink this once each morning.

    Topical Remedy

    Mix 3 parts apple cider vinegar with one part of your favorite massage oil.

    Gently knead this solution onto affected skin areas twice daily.

    This massage treatment will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

    Grandma Tip Remedy

    I do not eat much pumpkin, because it promotes the formation of cellulite.

    I tested these remedies, but the results were mild...

    See more remedies at:


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    It's tough to get rid of cellulite in a week. Massage your body regularly. Do squats and lunges. This all will help you out. And dear, don't lose your confidence because of cellulite only.

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    Since cellulite is a structural issue (muscle) it can be fixed with simple and unique body movements which target the cellulite areas.

    These types of moves can be followed by any woman, regardless of her age or fitness level. And it doesn?t matter if the cellulite started in the early teen years, or after pregnancy, or after menopause, it?s still a structural issue that results from soft, un-toned muscles underneath the saggy, dimpled, shadowy skin.

    As a medical researcher I don't really recommend phony lotions, painful treatments, crazy skin-brushing, useless body-wrapping or toxin-Flushing pill-scams.

    Check out this site if you want to know more about how to treat cellulite http://bitly.com/1qbKbBz

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    The best thing to do are some exercises that target the specific problem areas you're dealing with such as your thighs and stomach. For your thighs do some squats and lunges, and for your midsection crunches. Also, start going for some runs at your nearby park or around your neighborhood. If you do these exercises regularly each week you should be able to at least lessen the appearance of your cellulite.

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    The simple answer is no, unless you are willing to spend thousands on lipo-suction, it is impossible, and anyone or any product that advertises otherwise is a lie, and probably bad for you. Just accept who you are, stop feeling self conscious about how you look because quite frankly, folks really only care about themselves and will likely not even notice yours cellulite, as they are worrying about your own. Finally, to deal with this issue in the long term, the best weight loss method is...M.O.V.E. M.O.R.E./ E.A.T. L.E.S.S.

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    Buy a plant for your office—watering it will eventually make you more active.

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    Lessen your own Christmas tree.

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    Skip waiting locations. When you have an appointment, check in and then go out for a walk until this receptionist phones you.

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    Enroll in an active art work class, such as sculpture or maybe ceramics.

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