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My teacher is a bully, what can I do?

My science teacher is a total bully, thinks he's better than all the grade ten's he teaches and acts like a complete ***. I am sick and tired of him being so rude and disrespectful. For example: Before our tests we are supposed to hand in that weeks work, we put it in a box that he then collects and marks. I had everything ready to go and put in the box, but I had forgot to put it in. I realized right when he was grabbing all the worksheets and I ran to him and said "sorry, I just forgot to put my stuff n the box." With all the other worksheets he told me to go sit down and said to put it in the box after the test. I checked my scores for the work online the next night and I received a 0 on everything. He is always a bully and it's like he wants us to fail. This past test I got 35% and he pointed out to the entire class how bad I did and rideculed me for it. How can I deal with this teacher? I am tired of this and I hate coming to school because of it.

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    Thats tough. Can you get your schedule changed so you have a different teacher for that class?

    That has worked for my kids in the past.

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    Talk to him after class...say if he wants to that he can use you sexually if he stops being so mean to you... I mean that usualpy always works!!

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    Perhaps you can talk to your principal.

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