Home Stereo, Equalizer and Subwoofer Question?

I built two 12" subs for my home stereo, each 4 ohms, wired to a 4 ohm 2 channel stereo receiver. I recently bought an equalizer (Technics SH-8016) and when I have it all wired up (Line in to line out and line out to line in on my tape 2 channel), the subwoofers start to distort more and more as you turn the volume up on the receiver. Which is to say, my subs sound much better and hits harder without any equalizer what so ever. Something must be wrong, any help?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Set all of the equalizer sliders to their center positions and test the system.

    It should react exactly the same as it would if the equalizer was not there.

    Beyond that:

    Because there are several possible causes of the effect you described,

    and telling you how to deal with any one of them

    would require someone here to type an awful lot of text,

    you will almost certainly need to have a knowledgeable individual

    (a local audio expert or a home theater installer, for example)

    help you in person in order to find the exact nature of the trouble.

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  • Lance
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    7 years ago

    Equalizers are not made for sub woofers but are used for regular speakers...to use the equalizer for the sub you want all settings above 100 Hz to be at there lowest level and settings below 100 Hz to be in the middle of the setting this will filter out the higher frequencies but leave the bass....for the subwoofer to play....

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