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Need Help With Grade 12 Chemistry Question?

The equilibrium shown below was analyzed and found to contain 1.4 moles of SO2(g), 2.5 moles of NO2(g), 5.2 moles of SO3(g), and 6.4 moles of NO(g) in a 2.0 L container. How many moles of SO2(g) would have to be added to increase the equilibrium concentration of SO3(g) to 2.8 mol/L?


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    K = (c(PCl3)* c(Cl2)) / c(PCl5)

    Put in the values and solve K, if K is greather than 1, the reaction will occur.

    For the second question, you need to calculate all concentrations.

    K = 0,042

    c(PCl5) = c0 -x

    c(PCl3) = c0 + x

    c(Cl2) = c0 +x

    K = [ (c(PCl3)+x)* (c(Cl2))+x) / (c(PCl5)-x) ]

    Now solve for x, you'll get a quadratic equation. However, only one solution for x will be the right one (the other one will make the concentrations negative)

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