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Need Help With Grade 12 Chemistry Question?

Given the following information:

H2(g)+12O2(g)↔H2O(g) K200℃=5x10-4

12N2(g)+O2(g)↔NO2(g) K200℃=7x102

12N2(g)+32H2(g)↔NH3(g) K200℃=2x10-3

Find the K200℃ value for


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    K = (c(PCl3)* c(Cl2)) / c(PCl5)

    Put in the values and solve K, if K is greather than 1, the reaction will occur.

    For the second question, you need to calculate all concentrations.

    K = 0,042

    c(PCl5) = c0 -x

    c(PCl3) = c0 + x

    c(Cl2) = c0 +x

    K = [ (c(PCl3)+x)* (c(Cl2))+x) / (c(PCl5)-x) ]

    Now solve for x, you'll get a quadratic equation. However, only one solution for x will be the right one (the other one will make the concentrations negative)

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