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If Republicans still espouse Lincoln's values by ending slavery, then why....?

Are Republicans the people who in recent history have defended the rights of states and governments to display the confederate flag in conservative states? You know, they were protecting the flag of the people who were slaughtering Americans who wanted to have slavery end....

You would think how much they boast that they ended slavery and Democrats started the KKK, that they would be disgusted by the confederate flag....but they seem to love it.

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    Today’s Republican Party bears absolutely no resemblance to the Republican Party of Lincoln’s time.

    Lincoln’s party was a cutting edge progressive party whose members were even derisively labeled “Black Republicans” by white southerners because Republicans were seen as representing the rights of black Americans.

    That is a far cry from the bigoted, regressive Republican party of today.

    Even today, some of the descendants of Confederates refer to Lincoln as a tyrant and to the actions of the Republican Party of the 1800s as aggression and unconstitutional.

    Today's Republican propagandists know all of this but they figure they can fool the ignorant with their messed-up recollection of history. It often works.

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  • Deino
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    6 years ago

    We have to defend those rights because they have been under attack.

    I don't condone the confederate flag. It represents something awful, but I can't allow it to be banned or suppressed in violation of our rights to free speech and representation.

    The problem with you liberals is that you look at everything as a singular issue, and never analyze the consequence of the mechanisms that make your ideas and your actions possible.

    Oppressing jerks who want to hold tiny slavery rallies and inventing ACA are both the same thing. In doing these things, you give the government the power to take away the liberties of Americans, and that will only lead to an easier wielding of government to take away more rights and liberties.

    What? Do you think you're protecting people? You're not. Slavery is abolished. The south will never rise again, certainly not under the leadership of the diminishing population of backwater hilljacks who actually want it to happen.

    So what are you trying to do? Use political clout to crush them?

    Maybe. If you're a jerk, then that's funny. But, funny or not, such actions do far more to evidence the power of future organizations to utilize government to crush you and your ideals and organizations.

    I know you don't believe me.

    I know you think that by attacking people who wave a rebel flag, you are only doing one thing that will not give rise to any future activity. Because you think you're smart, honorable, righteous in a land where everybody else is stupid.

    But everybody else isn't stupid.

    And even the dumbest scumbags around have been known to commit wondrous feats of success.

    You can't risk empowering the government to oppress us because it will!

    You can't risk giving our free market over to the government because we'll never get it back.

    And all the other stupid people who wander around doing nothing are looking for tiny loopholes that they can use to make the government serve them against another. Give the government more power, and more people will be able to abuse you with it.

    Whether or not you believe in something, you must fight for another person's right to do it - as long as no laws are being broken.

    Don;t design laws that can be used against you just because you're spiteful about what somebody else does or who somebody else is.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    The majority Confederate flag wavers are Skinhead kkk Militia kooks with AK-47's

    The KKK has sign-ups for the Tea Party at their Headquarters..

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  • 6 years ago

    It is a touchy issue for many because that flag carries different meanings for different people.

    Some view it as a symbol of slavery because of the war.

    Some view it as Southern Pride--without racism.

    Still others view it as a symbol of the fight for states' rights.

    It may offend some and inspire others...

    The Warlock

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Cons have very selective memories

    They forget that Lincoln didn't believe in States Rights

    and that

    Not only was the Confederate flag flown over Civil War battlefields But a century later it was flown over the battlefields of the Civil Rights Movement

    When Bull Conner unleashed his German Shepherds on unarmed peaceful Black people , the flag of racism and treason was prominently on display

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Because we care about little things like the Constitution that allows the flying of any flag we want under the first Amendment. Personally, I don't fly the Confederate battle flag, but the 1st Amendment gives people the right to. And for many, it is not about hate, it is about history.

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  • 6 years ago

    Wow, that's a dumb argument. It means as much as saying that by flying an American flag you're supporting slavery. Because it was under that flag that slaves were imported into the US.

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  • night
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    6 years ago

    The Republican Southern Strategy started in the 1960s, and Ronald Reagan fully embraced it and the Sates Rights agenda. Reagan kicked off his presidential campaign by giving a States Rights speech at a site where civil rights activists were murdered in the southern US. It was beyond insensitive, but he won the election. The problem is that the Southern Strategy worked well for the Republican party for so many years that they are now committed to it, even when it is no longer helpful to their national campaigns.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    rather simple--most conservatives are for states rights with limited rights of the federal government-as the framers of the constitution intended. The civil war, was not fought to end slavery, it was a battle of states rights versus federalism. Federalism won out. To many--the old Dixie flags--bring to mind those who supported states rights--they don't think of it in terms of slavery.

    People like you love to paint people with broad brush strokes to advance your ideological agenda. Thus you yourself paint minorities as those who can't do things for themselves and need the nanny to do them in return for votes. It really isn't a stretch to call those policies which basically keep the minorities from improving themselves racist.

    The brush paints both ways.

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  • 6 years ago

    You people don't seem to have any problem with immigrants flying the Mexican flag here during their protests. Why would they do that if they want to be Americans. I still can't figure that out.

    I don't care about the Confederate flag. That war was over in 1865. The confederacy lost and they aren't coming back. Get over it dude. Its their heritage and they depend on tourists coming to their states to see the battle sites. How many of those flags do you see? Why don't you care about what is happening to our country? Republicans wanted the slaves to be free to live out their own destiny in freedom, not to be separate but equal and not to be kept on the plantation like the Democrats have forced on them ruining generations of lives.

    THIS IS 2013. Check your calendar.

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