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Performance enhancing drugs?

In mixed martial arts, what is classified as a performance enhancing drug? Is it defined as the effects (like painkillers, stimulants), or is there 1 big super list that contains every single known PED?

I ask this because there are some drugs like caffeine, that are allowed in some sport districts, but not in others.

Also, what types of PED's can I take that are still legal?

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    Your question touches on one of the problems that all sports have been facing the last ten years or so. Prior to that all your banned drugs for many of your major sports were listed and of course steroids were at the top of that list. Athletes also would avoid taking medications and supplements because they could even contain a high amount of some banned substance and cause them to fail any tests. That is why some painkillers and stimulants are on those lists and are banned for athletes in many sports. That was the way things were for the past thirty years but then they got even more clouded ten or so years ago for a couple of reasons.

    One of the things that clouded things was the forming of synthetic steroids and synthetic drugs that would enhance performance but yet would not show up in tests. The other thing was blood doping where athletes would have blood taken during the off season and stored and then later transfused back into their body during the season and their training. The only way of detecting that is by elevated levels of testosterone that are detected in an athlete's blood. Some of your synthetic drugs and steroids are only detectable after a series of tests conducted over time and long after the competition is held.

    These days its a constant battle in major sports for them trying to come up with tests and ways of detecting new synthetic drugs which are designed to not be detected along with trying to detect more natural approaches like blood doping. Technology on both sides is always changing and advancing and sometimes its not always the testing side that is out in front on this.

    It also gets clouded by things that sometimes are not banned being added to being banned as was the case with Andro and Mark McGwire in baseball. He used it during his career and before it was banned but did he use it after it was banned and what about the lingering effects from using it if and when he stopped. There are many things sold across the counter that will enhance an athlete's training and performance and is that cheating if it is not banned is also another legitimate question I think in all this? For me during my days of fighting and competing diet and supplements were something that I used and relied on and because I used a carbo pump that was sold across the counter that I know boosted my recovery period is that cheating? Keep in mind that it was a product available to all, sold across the counter that is no longer allowed to be sold today because of the presence of high amounts of ephedrine in it.

    At the lower levels of competition things are not tested very thoroughly if at all but you will find that at the higher levels they are in a lot of sports. Most things sold across the counter you can take without fear but at the higher level you will find banned and tested for. All your sports at the higher levels publish a list of those known and make it available to their athletes and expect them to follow it. However if testing is not done across the board then the chances for some in some sports is way to low of ever being caught in my opinion. Athletes and coaches will always be looking for a way to gain an advantage or edge and if its something not yet banned or so new that it is not banned then there is a moral dilemma I think at the very least there.

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