Why did they give Daniel Cormier an easy fight?

Big Country Roy Nelson was in terrible shape..not to mention his brawler style is easy for DC's lay and pounce style..even though he is going to be in 205 I think his last fight in HW division should've been someone who could test his chin..and see how good he really is..his win tonight wasn't impressive and it was the most boring fight of all fights tonight..if he thinks he stands a chance against Bones..with that performance then he is fooling himself


He pulled the friend card with Cain..smh..translation: no I don't want to fight Cain then I would be exposed..JDS would probably finish him too unless he allows him to bearhug the whole fight

Update 2:

Read the explanation that I gave..Ive seen Roy fight more than once..he was clearly not in great shape!..thats why I said it was an easy fight for DC..to be honest it looks like Grizzly Bear(DC) vs Polar Bear(Roy)

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  • 7 years ago
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    He has terrible conditioning and how he is 13-0 just amazes me,he has a lot of luck,he probably leaving HW division because he don't want Cain or JDS to end his career.

    JDS has great takedown and clinch defense,Cormier doesn't have the conditioning to keep up with his pace,JDS would probably KO him in the 1st round,that wouldn't surprise me.

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  • 7 years ago

    I think you should look at Nelson's previous fights first of all. He was clearly heavier and in worse shape than this fight and has been slowly slimming down some and it was evident to me in this fight that he was in good shape. The problem was that Cormier was in better shape and also is athletically more gifted than Nelson. Cormier was an Olympic class wrestler before taking up MMA so his cardio is quite good and his strength and athletic skills are really superior to Nelson's. This and his shorter height and keeping Nelson pinned up against the cage by using his head under Nelson's chin and wearing him down while also dominating the rounds is why he made the win look so easy.

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  • Shadam
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    7 years ago

    yup here you again with your ignorance nelson is a bjj guy who became a banger do you even listen to the commentary? cause joe goes over all these things. bjj is what beats wrestling i would like to see dc vs jds tho , very much. and dude dc will probably beat jones this is mnore of you not knowing what your talking about. do you understand that dc is most likely the best wrestler in the ufc do you know jones was taken down for the first time in that last fight? dc can take him down with ease jones is literally scarred of him thats why he wont entertain fighting him

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  • 7 years ago

    I dont think Roy should be considered easy. But I do agree he should of face someone else. Maybe Dos Santos now?

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