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    The most traumatic of all maladies are the ones affecting the brain. Mental illness can totally devastate an individual. There are several psychic ailments of which schizophrenia is one among the most recognized.

    This mental disorder is chronic and it is defined by an array of abnormal behaviour. A person affected with schizophrenia experiences constant delusions and hallucinations.

    This disorder is a lifelong condition and it normally commences in the early adulthood. Most people diagnosed with this disorder have suicidal intentions. Isolation, bizarre beliefs, strange speech, hysteria, anxiety, depression, disturbance and paranoid behaviour are common among people with schizophrenia.

    Natural Herbs For Schizophrenia

    Treatment with tranquilisers and antipsychotic medications are common. Though they are effective, the patient has to deal with a lot of side effects. Herbal remedies can correct the symptoms without causing any harm to your system.

    The herbs used to treat schizophrenia are listed below. All of these herbs have several therapeutic properties. They are used to treat schizophrenia because they have psychotropic or behaviour modifying properties.

    St.Johns Wort

    Also known as Hypericum, this herb has positive effects on the brain. This herb is a good anti-depressant and it relieves fear, anxiety and depression.

    Hypericum can boost your mood and reduce anxiety. The best method of consumption is in the form of tea, brewed from this herb.

    Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo biloba is a common Chinese herb that is used to treat various ailments. It is proven to be effective in treating various mental disorders. This herb can develop the mental functions and boost energy levels. It is also effective against mood swings and delusions. It is available in the form of capsules in health stores.


    Gotu kola; as it is commonly known, Centella is a rejuvenating herb used in traditional medicine for many years. Gotu kola can calm the mind and relieve anxiety.

    This herb strengthens the blood vessel and improves blood circulation to the brain. It improves memory and intelligence and is known to refurbish the brain cells and nerves. Therefore, it is considered to be an excellent brain stimulant.

    Korean Ginseng

    This herb is an excellent energy booster. The phytochemicals present in this plant can help the body combat stress and anxiety. These chemicals also improve the action of neurotransmitters in the brain and improve memory. This herb is also effective against depression and aids sleep.

    Kava Kava

    This herb is widely used to treat anxiety and depression. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of this herb in treating anxiety related mental disorders.

    Kava is known to inhibit dopamine activity. Increased dopamine levels have been linked to schizophrenia. This property of the herb is beneficial in treating the symptoms of schizophrenia.

    Passion Flower

    Passion flower is known to treat depression, anxiety and hysteria. It is acclaimed for its mind calming properties. The natural compounds present in passionflower are known to improve the functioning of a chemical called GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) in the brain. GABA blocks the nerve impulses in the brain. This property benefits those with schizophrenia disorder as the mind can be controlled and calmed.

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    Rosemary is an excellent antioxidant and it battles the free radical damage in the brain. This herb acts similar to passionflower.

    The compounds present in this herb are known to increase the levels of GABA. This herb should be avoided by expectant mothers and lactating women.


    Chamomile is rich in a compound called apigenin, which can calm the mind. This herb is also mildly sedative and it is known for its behaviour altering activity. It is widely consumed as tea.

    Traditional Chinese herbs such as Dong Quai, Ding Xin Wan and Chenq qi tang are used to treat many mental disorders including schizophrenia. Some of the above mentioned herbs may cause reactions when taken with other drugs. It is important to consult the right specialist before adopting these herbs as a part of your treatment plan.

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