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Delusions from drugs?

Ok so I've smoked weed almost daily the past couple of years and about a month ago I was smoking weed at my friends house and all of the sudden I went delusional and thought someone was trying to kidnap me or something... I had to go to the hospital and all that showed up on the drug test was weed... I've smoked weed a lot since then and nothing has happened but a couple nights ago I made a stupid decision and decided to try molly (mdma or pure ecstasy) and I was feeling good until I went home freaked out and phoned the police on my friend because I thought he was going to kill his parents... I had these conversations in my head that I'm pretty sure never happened... I'm never going to do molly again without a doubt... But I really enjoy smoking weed... And I don't want to stop. Is it going to make me go crazy? What's wrong with me? I'm perfectly normal when I'm sober... And I get really good grades in school... Am I just to smart to do drugs without going crazy? Weed hasn't affected my grades a bit in the past two years... And I don't study or anything and get straight A's... I just don't know what's happening

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    Cannabis is not the best drug. Although many say that it is a "safe drug" because it's herbal this isn't strictly true. Cocaine is synthesised from coca leaves, it is an alkaloid, that is: a naturally occurring chemical. Cannabis, or at least its main active ingredient THC, has actually been used in studies to try and understand psychosis, as, pure THC presents symptoms of psychosis while under the influence.

    Your reaction to both MDMA and Cannabis, while relatively uncommon is not unheard of. It would appear that your brain just can't cope with them. I'm not so sure of the scientific basis for this, but, the feelings of anxiety, paranoia, etc. are reported with drug use. If it only occurs while on it, consider yourself lucky, it's a reason not to do it. Cannabis, although it's not physically addictive, it can be psychologically addictive. That is, you think you are addicted but your body isn't really dependant on it. It has been shown in some scientific studies (although questionable in their objectivity) that cannabis can damage your brain, also, the lifestyle and social ramifications from such a drug can be damaging.

    Don't make excuses like "i'm still getting straight As", just don't use it. It's not worth it, if not for health reasons, think of employment. A drug offence can have a serious effect on your prospects, believe me, I've been there.

    If you aren't who you want to be on any drug, don't do it. It really is that simple. I'm trying not to be judgemental, and truth is, i'm really not, i'm telling you the truth as I know it, I'm generally pro-science when it comes to drugs, I believe current drug policy is completely wrong, but, at the end of the day it's down to individuals and willpower. If you don't like the effects of drugs, the paranoid episodes and so on, then just don't do them.

    I wish you the best of luck and hope this helps!

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    yeah, schools are kinda easy these days. It's the college or jobs that are hard with drugs.

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