are girls more funny from india or pakistan or what kind of personality do they have?

i have know clu whut um dewing

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  • 7 years ago
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    Girls from India or Pakistan seldom speak to me. From my observation and experience, they mostly only speak to other people from India or Pakistan (as the case may be).

    On the few rare occasions that the possibility of dating arose, either:

    A. The girl wouldn't accept me because I was white,

    B. If the girl did accept me herself, her parents wouldn't accept me because I was white, or

    C. If the girl's parents did accept me being white, they still wouldn't accept me because I wasn't a millionaire film star with a PhD degree.

    Therefore, I have no choice but to say they are some of the most racist and xenophobic people I have ever known, and those who aren't racist and xenophobic are still overly focused on financial and/or social affluence.

    I could probably walk through the slums of Mumbai, approach some girl who was completely destitute, fat, ugly, bald, blind in one eye and had cancerous tumors all over her body, and either she or her family would still make me feel as if I weren't good enough for HER.

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