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Why did the Arabs want to leave the Ottoman Empire?

I dont get why they decided to team up with the British to be independent an have their own contol of lands, and in the end the British screwed them over. Ottoman Empire was almost unstoppable, and if the Arabs didnt fight out, then Israel wouldnt exist and all the problems in Syria and other middle eastern countries wouldnt be there either. What made the Arabs want to leave?

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    The Ottoman Empire wasn't as powerful as you think,it was known as الرجل العجوز or رجل أوروبا المريض . The Ottomans were very much behind the European progress especially in terms of technology and modern military. They only stayed because the European powers (Russia,Germany/Austria, France,Italy,England...)wanted too.

    Why did we want to leave the ottomans? well first of all the Ottoman were killing the Arabic language,there was something called سياسة التتريك

    The ottomans were being racist at that times and they appointed mainly turks in public offices even as governors of Arab vilayas. In the world war they started to confiscate properties. Mount Lebanon(where i come from) lost 1/3 of its population because the ottomans confiscated the food,switched the currency,took the gold,and made a siege. (P.S: Mount Lebanon was semi-independant under the ottomans rule,and it was a mainly Christian country).


    oh and if i'm not mistaken,the ottomans translated the qur'an to Turkish,the translation of the Qur'an was forbidden if i'm not mistaken.

    طالما عانت الشعوب التي وقعت تحت نير التسلط العثماني الأهوج من ويلات سياسة التتريك التي إتبعها هذا النظام ضد الشعوب الغير تركية محاولآ مسح قوميتها وقطع صلتها بتراثها وتاريخها الفكري إستعدادآ لإذابتها في أتون التعصب القومي التركي الذي أراد له العثمانيون أن يكون العلامة المميزة لجبروتهم وتسلطهم على الشعوب المظلومة التي خضعت لمئات من السنين تحت نير هذه الأفكار الشوفينية السوداء . ونظرآ للشعور بالنقص الثقافي والجدب التاريخي الفكري الذي تولد لدى العثمانيين بالأمس تجاه القوميات التي أخضعتها بالقوة لتقبل الفكر العنصري التركي , حاول سلاطين آل عثمان أن يجعلوا من الثقافة العثمانية , التي لا تساوي شيئآ في حساب الزمن , الثقافة السائدة لدى الشعوب التي إستعمرتها باسم ألإسلام والتي أفقرت بلدانها وسخرت كل ما فيها من الموارد والطاقات البشرية والمادية لخدمة الباب العالي العثماني


    If you want i can email you the chapters in my high school history book relating to that issue, but it will take me some time to find it.

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    Beware that some Turks do not like Arabs because during WW1, some Arabs sell Ottoman armies down to river.

    Ottomans did not exploit Middle East.

    Arabs should answer this question but they are not the one who is guilty. The ones who did probably passed away.

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    Im a Turk and I want to tell that Ottomans are not killers and their only wish is spreading Islam to whole world.But they didnot kill people for their sake but Arabs left Ottomans because their sake is very important for them.I think they betrayed Ottomans but Ottomans had no harm for them.Please very careful about what do you want to believe.If you want you can make a research about that.And you will see that Ottoman Empire was a great empire because they believed indulgence.

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    20th century saw end of colonialism and some confederates (except soviet union). Reasons apart it is eventual, regions preferred to rule themselves, it is an on going process around the world

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    the british didnt own SaudiArabia.. in fact, they overlooked Saudi in the oil department and went elsewhere, where as. the American geologists saw something more and found oil in SaudiARabia..

    no arab here left.. they all stayed

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    If you lived there, you'd want to leave too.

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    because betrayal run in their blood.

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