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Looking for a very specific knife?

So I need a new knife and it has to meet all the following criteria:

- half serrated half fine edge

- good grip made of either rubber/plastic or paracord

- 6" blade

- MUST be tough, reliable, and sharp.

I would prefer to keep this under $70, and a hard sheath would be a great bonus.

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    Here you go with some options: (just a skosh over 6") Grip is made from Micarta which is more durable than rubber and better than plastic in a number of ways. (closer to 7") Grip is made from rubber. I don't like it as well as the Schrade, but it's certainly a good knife for the money. (blade is a bit less than 6") I like the feel of the rubberized aluminum grips, but have never particularly liked this look. Still a solid knife.

    I've pretty much stayed with mainstream brands. You can get into some of the Chinese made stuff from M-Tech or Rigid which can be much cheaper, and generally have poor edge grinds that you can take to someplace that does sharpening and have fixed for $10 or so. However, the ones I've listed are all solid product. Of the three my pick would be the Schrade. It's a tough price point for the features you are asking about.

    Good luck,


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  • 7 years ago

    Lotta options.

    Join Bladeforums and ask there.

    Also check out Knifeworks and Cutlery Shoppe. They tend to have some of the best prices, at least in my opinion and research.

    ESEE may make just the knife your looking for and their knives are very good values and perform very well.

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