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Help my chihuahua is ill :(?

Okay I bought a Chihuahua while I was on vacation in august, shes a short haired Chihuahua her issue is she has never eaten dog food.. she ate it for the first few days I got her then would starve she will only eat people food!!!!! :( she has been pooping a lot lately but its diarreah and today there was blood in the diarreah I cant afford to take her to the vet please help me!!! I don't want my dog to die! Im going to buy soft food first thing in the am and MAKING her eat it!! how can I make her better :( please help!

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    i would say your dog needs a trip to the vet ... my own little guy had a bout of diarrhea and the vet told me to actually fast him for 24 hours and then introduce bland food such as boiled chicken and rice ... i fed him that for almost a week and then got him back on his regular food ... but the vet did give antibiotics for some blood in the diarrhea ... you could even call your vet, explain you can't afford to come in, and ask for some suggestions ... and once you get the dog healthy again, pick a good quality dog food and stick with it ... i bought an adult chihuahua who had never eaten dog food and within two days she was eating dog food no problem (cuz there was nothing else offered) ... a healthy dog will not starve themselves and can actually go many days with zero food as long as fresh water is always available ... your dog just learned very early to hold out and you would give in and feed people food so you have to fix that ... but get the dog healthy first ... and make sure your little dog is drinking water ... diarrhea is dehydrating ... you can put a bit of chicken broth in her water to entice, or give her an ice cube and even popsicles will help with hydration if she is not drinking ... but you should at the very least call your vet ...

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    Why did you buy this Chihuahua, if you can't afford to take her to the vet? You should not have her then. Not providing Veterinary care to a sick or injured dog, is Against The Law. You cannot force her to eat. What are you going to do, shove the food down her throat? If you try, she's just going to spit the food out. If she is used to eating human food, that's why she's not eating her dry food. She expects human food and nothing more and is spoiled. Pooping blood is a bad sign and caused by many things. You have no choice but to get her to a vet and the sooner you do it the better. If you don't want her to die, depending on what the problem is, it could happen if you don't take her to the vet, find out what's causing the bleeding and get it treated. If you still refuse, then take her to any vets office and Surrender her to the vet, so the vet can diagnose and treat the problem, then find your Chihuahua a better, more loving home, with a much more responsible owner. Your Chihuahua should not have to be the one to suffer, because you don't take proper care of her. If you can't afford vet care for a dog, then don't get a dog. You don't even know what the problem is, so do you expect to treat her at home. Either get her to a vet or Surrender her. She should not have to be the one to suffer, because she has an Irresponsible owner who won't get her medical attention.

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    You should not have bought the dog if you can't afford routine vet care. It's not fair to the dog.

    She needs to be taken to a vet. She's sick.

    You're not a vet and you cannot cure her illness. Diarrhea with blood is a serious health condition.

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    What you should do is get her a high quality grain free Dry food and put it out for 30 minutes and then pick it up if she doesn't eat it. Then NO food or treats until dinner and you to the same thing. She will learn to eat what's offered when offered and not be spoiled. But blood in the stool is Never good and you need to find a way to take her to the vet or surrender her.

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    Blood is never good my advice is if you cant afford vet care sign this dog over so it can get vet care

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    Give her some meat and cooked rice mixed together with a raw egg, hope this helps.

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