Who was it that first used the terms 'public sector' and 'productive sector'?

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    7 years ago
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    The phrase "productive sector" is an ancient term from agriculture used to distinguish between acreage currently growing crops from that being used to store equipment, live on (the farmer & his family or crew) and fields "laying fallow" every fourth year...

    "Public service" is from 1570s; "public interest" from 1670s, and the distinction between 'public sector' and 'private sector' is believed to have first been drawn by Thomas Jefferson in 1807...

    What was you REAL question or comment? It took less time to look this up on Google than it did for you to type your question! What "point" were you trying to make, exactly?

    Source(s): (No offense intended if you are just unfamiliar with Google...)
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