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Has the US spy dictatorship no sense of decency? After German chancellor, have they wiretapped Xi yet?

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    usa nsa has been wiretapping on their own citizen ,ethnic chinese.

    they treat every ethnic chinese american as potential spy ,traitor

    they hack china and hk for military gain, economic espionage.

    they hack research lab, university, company technology.

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    7 years ago

    hey not cool at all, don't the chinese spy dictatorship have no sense of decency too.

    ghostnet, hackers, wipe tapping other nations, hell even the officials wiretap each other in china and calls to foreign embassies in china are often listen in on.

    you know china don't given let foreigners into the jiangsu national security education museum

  • I think, for long time, the USA had been able to collect information from China through technology, including phone conversation of Chinese high ranking officials.

    However, the US's ability in wiretapping Chinese official's phone conversation and collecting information from China through technology should have become very hard, because of China's success in speeding up her technological advancements.


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    The NSA doesn't need to wiretap Xi. He freely offers insider information to the US Government in a joint venture "designed to combat worldwide terrorism". As compensation, the USCIS signs off on any Chinese persons whom Xi recommends for emigration to the USA. He's got quite a little nest egg going as a result of this side business of his, and he hopes to head for the USA himself, should the New People's Revolution that is attempting to topple his corrupt CCP regime continue to become more violent. Xi is using many of these 3rd parties to purchase real estate and companies in the USA, which will in turn be sold to him at a fantastic discount (the payoff for the 3rd party), and held as assets he can liquidate in the future.

    And, if you are wondering why Gu Kailai wasn't executed for murder, perhaps it has something to do with her knowing too much about the CCP's illicit money transfer system to offshore accounts and threatening to expose it, much as Snowden knew too much about the NSA.

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  • All politically incorrect descendents will be put into concentration camps untill they stop being racist and sexist, she probably deserved it she may have said somethinging negative about obama because hes black.

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    Sorry, Xi not qualified yet.

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