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mind asked in Society & CultureHolidaysRamadan · 7 years ago

Ramadan, is killing a stone-throwing child a small thing when compared allowing a truck into Israel?


She testifies "killing a child" was punished by relocation.

Israel, the bacon of pork, oh pardon "the beacon of hope"


@ Hey, they are reporting my question and answer. 2 of them got reported by now.

Does truth hurt?

Update 2:

Ben, you are not answering my question, you are trying to retaliate. See the header, and answer. Killing a child reported by not the enemy but the soldier.

Update 3:

@ Take your time to watch this video where one of the leading persons explain things:


Youtube thumbnail

Update 4:

@ I have read your paragraph, and got this "This becomes frustrating for soldiers who are basically there to keep the peace."

But this soldier says the opposite. She refutes you. Were they playing "sit down stand up game" to "protect peace or while they were putting out cigarettes on bodies?

Update 5:

@ Ben, I am not discussing Asad here. I am discussing "the beacon of Hope". These soldiers does not give the same message oıf keeping peace. They tell they were not doing it, but you say they were keeping peace.

WHAT THE HELL does it mean "struggle for peace" that a forced state invades a country and then takes their lands, and goes on to accuse the residents as they dont give in.

Update 6:

@ Ben, you are thich-skulled. You speak of peace but at the same time support brutality. I quoted you the book yesterday which is titled Ethnic Cleansing by Ilan Pappé who is a JEW. So, you speak of as if Palestinians happily gave up their land. Forget this nonesense.

Have I said "we should not make peace"?

Update 7:

@ "Jewish homeland", why?

Update 8:

@ My homeland is now within the borders of China, should China give it to us?

Update 9:

@ Skyfall, you dont have an iota of brains, I swear. This is not a Muslim soldier. This is a Jew who served in Israeli army.

Update 10:

@skyhole, How much damage can a stonme throwing child give to tanks made of iron so that it could justify soldiers to shoot them?

Your hatred has blinded you, I say, this is not a Muslim speaking against Israel. It is a Jew served in the army and now felt obliged to share it which indicates that her conscience urged her.

Update 11:

@skyhole, we are discussing Israeli army not how 1 Msulim crucified someone. Are you high?

Update 12:

@ You are helpless skyhole. I swear helpless. I have not killed any Jews or hate Jews in general. I hate evil people and as in any nation, they exist among the Jews, and Israel is an evil state. Their doctrines is RELIGIOUS, the promised land nothing more.

Your retarded brain do not understand that Jewish soldiers tell these and the penalty for throwing stone to a tank is death? and the penalt of the murderer is "relocation"? You have lost your humanity. I would not want a Jewish child getting killed by any Muslim but I dont want any Jew to do what this soldier tells.

Read tens of others here: http://www.breakingthesilence.org.il/

Update 13:

@ Skyfall, you are not aware, you drunk the wine of hate so much that your eyes are closed along with your senses, I swear nothing will help even lenses, With ever hate speech, you just loose your chances, and You draw huge wired fences.

I have only my words as my weapon, and ı use it against evil, you are one. You justify killing of a child and blame the parents for not observing them. If it wre your child killed for stoning a tank, would youı be able to utter these words? You are a woman, how dare you say that.

You have shifted topic a lot and a lot.

Update 14:

@ Ben, you need to see my fresh question:


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  • 7 years ago

    I believe Israel/Palestine is not a religious problem, rather its a political problem..Even the Arab world does not give a $h!t about Palestinians.. This question should be be in some YA political section.

    When will Muslims learn to separate religion from politics?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Wasn't me. I phukin hate reporting lol. I'll repost my entire answer from previous question. They reported my question too...cretins:)) Oh sigh

    Yes, I've seen clips like this before. What you go to understand is it's a war. It's a war that's been going on for a hundread years. The Palestinians can behave like little animals, trust me. They have that incredibly frustrating Islamic mentality that doesn't see reason, you know the one I mean lol? Soldiers get frustrated when they're bombarded with stones day in, day out. None of this needs to be happening if the Palestinian and wider Islamic world would agree to a true and real lasting peace deal, but the Arabs never keep to their side of the deal. So the insane cycle continues. I mean listen to the people in Ramadan section. You can't rationalize with most of these people. Most of the time it's name calling or religious gibberish being posted as a response. The Palestinians have the exact same mentality but much worse because so many are so uneducated. This becomes frustrating for soldiers who are basically there to keep the peace. So I won't deny that bad things happen in the occupied territories from time to time but it could all change tomorrow if the Arabs wanted. Inside Israel proper 20% of the population is Arab Muslim and they enjoy equal rights, and the most free and best quality of life in the region. They are the relatives of the Arabs who choose to stay in 1948 and live alongside the Jews. It paid off. The Arabs who choose to leave Israel in 1948 wanting war are still living in shitt today.

    Now please watch my clip. This is a British Muslim that supports Israel...


    Youtube thumbnail


    You quite clearly didn't watch the clip. There wasn't enough time before your response.


    lol...Maybe, but I'm a joke that's sane and speaks the truth :))

    @ Sky

    Israel has already succeded. You just won't accept that. Tell your people to embrace peace and not war. It's the only option you have.

    @ Everyone

    When you look at the war mongering, brutal and savage Islamic world, it's not rocket science to know who the agresors are, and who refuses to accept peace, is it now?

    @ John

    Most Israelis are secular. Israel does not fight it's wars in the name of Judaism but rather in the name of the Jewish people, religious or not religious.

    @ Minda

    You need to watch my clip, and yes I have answered your question, in the first paragraph. You just don't like the answer.


    If you read my paragraph then that's the bottom line. Start promoting the concept of a real and lasting peace. In Syria for example, right next door, thousands of Muslims have been murdered there. Assad just brutally murdered over 100,000 of his own people! You guys don't even mention the real attrocities happening in this world carried out by Muslims. You just want to blame Israel for everything. Watch my clip.


    Most of the land was bought from the Palestinians actually prior to 1948. There is no such thing as a Palestinian people and there was never a Palestinian state. The Pals should be in Jordan now. Israel is The Jewish homeland, it's Jewish land, not Muslim. Deal with it. The only option is to make peace.

    This is the son of the leader of Hamas speaking. If I can watch 20 minute of your clip, you can watch 3 minutes of mine, right?


    Youtube thumbnail


    What do you mean why? It's the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people before fleeing the Romans. Jews have always known they'd go back there eventually. Jerusalem is Jewish, not Muslim. Mecca is Muslim. Jewish history goes back 3500 years in the region. Have you watched my clips?

    @ Skyfall

    Yes, you can find plenty of examples similar to the clip you posted. How is one supposed to deal with a mentality like that?

    @ Minda

    You're not hearing most of what I've written here.

    add.. have you watched my clips?

    @ Minda

    You need to watch this clip below or don't bother to argue with me on the topic anymore

    Israel is not an evil state. All it's neighbours ARE. It's not based on religion but as safe haven for Jews in their ancestral homeland, be they religious or non religious.



    Youtube thumbnail

    @ Skyfall

    Yes "Mindless" won't open his eyes and ears to the truth, sound familiar lol? I don't think he can even bare to watch my short clips.

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  • 7 years ago

    Jewish state,islamic state,facist state all the same for me.

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