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Why is Obamacare steering most applicants to signing up for Medicaid?

Many ‘Obamacare’ enrollees in N.Y. go to Medicaid

Of more than 37,000 enrollees so far in N.Y., 23,717 steered to U.S. coverage due to income

'In the first three weeks of the “Obamacare” enrollment, 23,717 New Yorkers who went to a new state website to enroll for insurance ended up being steered to join Medicaid because their incomes were low enough to qualify.'

Obamcare has turned out to be a way of signing up as many people as possible onto existing public assistance programs, rather than signing them up with affordable private insurance.

Cloward and Piven strategy, anyone?

In the 1970's, this same strategy was used to bankrupt New York City. Radical activists went door to door in poor neighborhoods to sign up as many people as possible for welfare, which bankrupted the city by overloading the government assistance programs.

Now it is being used to bankrupt the entire federal government by overloading government assistance programs.


Rockefeller, it seems your allergy to facts is acting up again this morning.

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    Why do you think he moved 500 Billion out of Medicare

    into Medicaid. TO back up his proposed Single payer

    system he actually wants employed.

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    Medicaid is Obamas back stop. If the losers can't

    qualify for subsidy. He slides them to Medicaid.

    Thats why as Scales said. He robbed Medicare'

    of 500 Billion.

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    Medicaid is not the same. Medicaid pays nothing until you are sick. When you are sick you could go to the hospital and get your treatment free and they will sign you up for Medicaid. Now the paperwork is just done in advance.

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    Buckle your seat belts and hold onto your hats! We re careening towards Socialized Healthcare, Obama s. at the wheel and he s drunk with power...

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    You quoted the answer. Because they qualify. The other part of the question is nonsensical gibberish.

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    to make the US single payer

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