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I can't find any statistics on USC quarterback Sami Logan.. Anyone know what is going on with her?

I thought she got a scholarship to play quarterback for USC but I can't find anything proving she did.. Can someone help me out?

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    It's got to be an error because the number 2 football expert in the known universe couldn't be wrong. Her stats on maxpreps that say she only threw four passes with 2 completions and one interception must be wrong too since we all know she lead her HS to a 6-1 record and the state championship game as a starter. BTW, have you checked the Philadelphia Blaze's roster to see if she is there? But there also seems to be an omission on their roster because they don't have a world-famous wide deceiver listed.

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    I would not let my daughters play contact sports, especially with boys beyond the age 9. I have 2 girls- that's the reality. Softball, soccer, volleyball, water polo, tennis, or like Sami basketball. No football or hockey.

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    She couldn't meet the academic qualifications to get into that USC, had to go to the other one, the University of South Carolina instead.

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    She's playing basketball at Cal State-Fullerton. She's a freshman guard.

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