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I am curious about how the doctor calculates a Pregnancy.?

To start at the beginning my last period was on the 15th of August. I had my first ultrasound yesterday and they confirmed I am 7 weeks and 3 days making my due date June 10. If I go back then 7 weeks and 3 days now that brings me to September 3. Is that the date I conceived? Or is that an ovulation date? I'm unclear. if anyone has any insight please inform me!:) thank you on advance

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    To be honest I'm really not sure where he's getting that date from. Doctors count pregnancy from the first day of your last period, so you should be 10 weeks by now. And ovulation/conception happens about 2 weeks after your period starts, so that would be 8 weeks ago. Ultrasounds count in the extra two weeks from your period, so if you're 7 weeks 3 days, you conceived 5 weeks 3 days ago. Early ultrasounds are very accurate. So the only thing I can think of is that your cycle was messed up that month and you ovulated 3 weeks later than usual. That's really the only explanation for this situation I can think of. I would ask yor doctor why there's a difference by 3 weeks. Is it possible your dates were off of when your period was? Either way, you're pregnant so congrats :)

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    Pregnancy is USUALLY dated from the LMP date. Ultrasounds also calculate their dating going back to an 'LMP' date rather than conception - they add that extra two weeks automatically too.

    If your LMP date says you should be 10w, but your ultrasound says 7, that is a big gap and you will likely have another ultrasound to confirm, but maybe not. If there was a heart beat and the fetus was viable and the sonographer was a good one, the dating is probably accurate and you probably ovulated / conceived later in your cycle than you normally would have. Had you not gotten pregnant, your period would have come a couple of weeks late.

    But your doctor should be following up to make sure. . .

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