Which Subwoofer has the most bass/kick to it?

I'm looking for 12: subs that have a high sensitivity and a high RMS rating in order to obtain the highest SPL possible from a far distance. (Yes I know that sensitivity doesnt really matter in car audio because all the bass is trapped in the car, but when it comes to Public Adress speakers, sensitivity can change the SPL alot. Ex from 20 feet away : 110 dB sensitivity and 500 RMS = 130.3 dB or 85 dB sensitivity and 500 RMS = 105 dB

I'm looking for 2 subwoofers that meet the following criteria;

*12" Sub

*Single 4 ohm voice coil

*Fs : 18-28 hz

*Sensitivity of atleast 93

*300 watts RMS or more

*Compatible with a box around 2 cubic feet

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  • 7 years ago
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    What you are looking for doesn't exist. Generally if you lower the fs, you also lower the sensitivity.

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