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LiberaIs, how can people prevent themselves from being murdered when responding to Craigslist ads without guns?

If the person responding to the ad carries a gun, he'll have something to defend himself with.

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    It also makes it a lot more likely that the psycho you pick up on CL will be armed when that male escort meets you.

  • Deino
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    7 years ago

    Jack is right.

    The gun laws are protecting deer, not people.

    I'm still allowed to carry my 5.7 concealed, and pull it out when I need to pop some tags. Or caps. Or whatever the slang is these days.

  • Jack
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    7 years ago

    My only thing is why do they want my gun that i use to hunt with...yet never say a word about liberal gangbangers living in the projects murdering one another for SHOE'S...go gun may kill a deer which will feed me....liberal gun will get you a new pair of shoes yea....i can see how mine ismore dangerous!

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