Can someone translate this from english to spanish?

Just reached a 1000 likes! Thank-you to all the beautiful people that liked my Art page, commented on my works, and sent me encouraging and supporting messages! 1000 likes may not be much, but for me it’s a huge deal considering I didn’t think more than 5 people would interested in my art. Again thank-you all so much! As of today, I am officially taking orders, so if you are interested feel free to message me! Thanks again!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Acabe de alcanzar los 1000 "likes". Gracias a toda la gente linda que le dio "like" a mi pagina de arte, o que comento sobre mis obras o que me envio mensajes de apoyo y de estimulo. 1.000 "likes" podra no ser mucho, pero para mi es algo enorme considerando que yo jamas imagine que mas de 5 personas se fueran a interesar en mi arte. De nuevo les agradezco mucho! En lo que respecta a hoy... estoy oficialmente recibiendo consejos... asi pues que si estan interesados, bien puedan y envienme un mensaje. Gracias de nuevo..

    two things.

    1- in spanish. when refering to facebook's "like" option.. most people just say "like"... but there are also those who say "me gusta".

    2- "officially taking order" i didn't understand that... did you mean something like "officially taking advices" that's what i translated

    congratulations for your page

    God be with you.

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