Which of these health care systems would you prefer?

If you had to chose only from the following list, which would you prefer, and why?

1. Purely private health care, no government involvement at all, except for paying for government employees or similar obligations (this means no Medicare, and no Medicaid--there would still be the VA health care system, because the government has a specific obligation to take care of veterans, and some kind of health plan for actual government workers, but no other health care directly paid for by the government)

2. A primarily private system, with the government providing subsidized or partially subsidized health care only for the destitute and its own employees, but no government requirement that anyone get health insurance or anything (so, like 1, but with Medicaid).

3. Private health care with a government mandate, but no government plan--that is, the government requiring everyone to have private health insurance, and subsidizing health care for the destitute, and to a lesser extent the poor and/or elderly, but no government health care plan.

4. A public option--an opt-in government health care system (more or less like Medicare, but for everyone), but no requirement that anyone purchase the public system rather than private health care. Payment into the public system would be income based up to the approximate average cost of care (that is, you'd pay more the more you make, until you're paying about what your care actually costs)

5. A non-optional public health system--you pay for the public system, whether you chose to use it or not, but health care is "free" if you use the public system.

If possible, please support your choice with outside sources.


btw, it was my intent to imply, with 4, that you have the choice of either the public system or private health care, but there is a requirement that you have one or the other.

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    I don't have access to the database, but several years ago I read a study that said that Medicare could be saved by just including the 55-64 population as they were relatively healthy. They also reported that if we just did Medicare for All (where everyone pays an average of $150 per month), Medicare could be very profitable and doctors and hospitals could be paid more.

    So I guess my choice is #5. And I have friends who live in Canada who used to live in the US, and they have had much less difficulties getting health care in Canada than fighting with insurance companies in the US!

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  • Gazza
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    6 years ago

    5. I live in a country with universal health care. My daughter suffered a brain aneurism in Ontario Canada. She received state of the art surgery the very next day, when swelling in the brain was under control. She received 3 weeks in hospital with excellent after care. She now receives regular check ups, brain scans and medication. NO insurance was needed and there were NO hospital bills.

    By the way, when I say "state of the art surgery". The surgeon made an incision in my daughters groin and went through the arteries of the body and put a coil in the brain.

    Absolutely brilliant surgery.

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    6. A system where able-bodied adults accept the responsibility that goes with being any adult and purchase their own health insurance.....their own auto insurance........their own life insurance and their own homeowners/renters insurance

    Those able-bodied adults who for whatever reason have opted not to purchase and or all of the above insurances should be held liable for their inaction

    The truly physically and mentally challenged should receive health card benefits such as those currently provided by Medicaid

    Seniors who have paid into Medicare via F.I.C.A. taxes in excess of 10 years should receive Medicare

    Those individuals who are not presently eligible for Medicare should receive a ptoportionate refund on their previously paid F.I.C.A. taxes

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  • MamaG
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    6 years ago

    Option 2

  • mark h
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    6 years ago


    Because government is incapable of providing anything.

    It must first take a resource away from someone in order to give it to someone else.

    But the ultimate problem is worse than that, history shows us that whenever a people completely submits to allow the government to fulfill all of their needs, those people wind up devastated.

    A really up close example of that for us in the USA is the native American peoples. For decades they have lived hand to mouth from US government, and as the years go by, we are hard pressed to show how the US government has improved the quality of their lives.

    Hope that helps.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Number 4 looks most appealing. Basically like universal health care, but with a choice to buy a public plan if that's what you want or what you think meets your needs.

  • 6 years ago

    5. Universal health care. 1, 2, and 3 all depend on a for-profit system, which should not be used in health care. 4. would make it too expensive for those who were in the public option, since the costs would only be shared within that group.

    Universal health care, or Medicare for all, is the best system. That is not the same as government health care, in which doctors and hospitals are actually run by the government. The government as the single payer still allows control from the customer end of health care. In countries that have it, you still have the option to pay privately if you want something the government doesn't cover, but no one has to go without health care. The funding for that system comes from all the taxpayers, and those who are too poor to pay taxes are cared for by those who aren't. Just as today, those without the money for health care or insurance are covered by all of us much more inefficiently and expensively than we would under single payer.

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    Only, we had that and, though it worked great until the mid-seventies, prices skyrocketed for no apparent reason. I began to ask doctors why, all said, "malpractice insurance". Even now, that's the buzz word (& cuss word).

    I also know there was much profit to be made after the Great Society added medicaid to millions and, then, removed the gold standard, allowing the govt to "pay whatever they asked".


  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Will the government be refunding my 40+ years of " contributions " to Medicare ?

    Plus 40 years of compounded interest of course .

    Give me back my money and I'll buy my own insurance .

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