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Help me please, I don't know how to stop pushing her away?

I have depression. It hasn't been a week since I've been diagnosed and I am taking medication. But my life is gettin worse. There is this guy at school I despise and he keeps saying hello just to **** me off. I have told him to Sod off a million times. So I beat him up in school in front of all my friends. My best friend screamed my name. When I talked to her after school she said that she is mad at me. She was the first person to know I had depression btw, so she knows I am having a tough time. I just don't know how to fix things with her. I am pushing her away, when I am trying not to. Someone please help me. Thanks in advance

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    tell her your sorry and that you need her. And also mention as selfish as that sound. Even while Im depressed as F**k, I'll try to make you happy in return and do what I can to pay back the kindess you give me.

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    the truth! pour your heart open it!

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