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Has a team traded away more great players than the Diamondbacks?


Max Scherzer

Trevor Bauer

Dan Haren

Jose Valverde

Ian Kennedy

Everyday players

Carlos Quinten

Steven Drew

Justin Upton

The list goes on and on, if they would have kept these stars together, they would have been a dynasty!

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    Miami Marlins:

    Mark Buehrle

    Josh Johnson

    Jose Reyes

    Omar Infante*

    Anibal Sanchez*

    Hanley Ramirez*

    Randy Choate*

    Edward Mujica*

    Gaby Sanchez*

    Andrew Miller*

    Dan Uggla*

    Burke Badenhop

    Matt Lindstrom

    Josh Willingham

    Kevin Gregg

    Miguel Cabrera*

    *Players who have appeared in this postseason or, in Andrew Miller's case, did well for a playoff team (the Red Sox) before getting injured.

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    The Kansas City Royals:

    Carlos Beltran

    Johnny Damon

    Jermaine Dye

    David Dejesus

    Zack Greinke

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    In the late 90s-early 00s the Expos traded away alot of good players:

    Larry Walker

    Marquis Grissom

    Moises Alou

    Pedro Martinez

    Cliff Lee

    Brandon Phillips

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    I wouldn't say Bauer is that good just yet, but the rest i will agree on. You also have to realize that they are not the highest payroll type of teams. Once they go through arbitration, they will have to spend lots of money, and the player is not worth as much because they are nearing free agency. So, instead of losing players to free agency and spending all that money in arbitration, they get new prospects to trade, hoping for that 2011 run again.

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    They got Kennedy in the Scherzer trade. You want to count them both?

    Upton is the only other great player on that list.

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    Every team really does the same, its really inevitable when you think of it. The Mets once traded Nolan Ryan and got back Jim Fregosi in return, what a sh!tty deal!

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