What is your favorite song from Les Miserables?

I AM SERIOUSLY OBSESSED with this movie, heck I don't know why but it's amazing, plain out amazing, I've memorized every lyric to every dang song in the movie....... Just wondering what is your favorite song and why?, mine is Stars sung by Javier, I seriously love Russel Crowe's Version of it.... Javiers voice is meant to be rough, I think he did a good job with that song.

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  • 7 years ago
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    "I Dreamed A Dream" is my favorite. Anne Hathaway's performance of the song brought me to tears. The actors did a great job in bringing such feeling and heart to their songs.

  • 7 years ago

    THANK YOU, for actually LIKING Russell Crowe's Javert!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES!!!!!!!! He was Amazing, wasn't he?

    So many dang FOOLS didn't seem to *get* what ***THIS*** version was suppose to really be about and just kept saying that his singing stank.

    NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't SUPPOSE to be great! They could have easily hired the best singers in the world or just DUBBED the singing if they wanted to,.......

    they wanted ACTORS, to ACT out the songs. The acutal singing was SUPPOSE to be secondary to the ACTING.

    And therefore, Russell was actually probably one of the BEST Javert's I have ever seen, ......both in the movies, and on stage. (and I have seen the play several times, both on Broadway and in London.

    He was an EXCELLENT Javert and it was a wise choice.

    If anything, I was a little disappointed with Hugh Jackman's Valjean. I didn't like his hairstyles all thru the film........they didn't look right for the part.

    Crowe was actually perfect........although pinning the medal on Gavroche was out of character for Javert.........but each version takes little liberties with the story.

    If you are a Javert fan...........did you know that he actually *LIVES* in one of the 2 sequels to the story?

    He is actually pulled from the river, half drowned and SAVED , by a priest, of all things.....and then owes HIS life, to a priest........like Jean Valjean. It was an interesting twist!

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