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Is this bullying or something else?

So today my friends told a guy to ask my crush to the dance with out asking me just to be rude or something. The said I 'desvered' it when I asked them why they did that all I did was ask my guy friend to the dance with her in a jokeing way and he knew it to ... So did they then one of them kicked me but they didn't actually kick me but almost did and then I was like u didn't actually kick me and she is like want me too? Then they left saying I'm kicked out of the group. Is this bullying or is it not what should I do if it is?

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    You can call it bullying or just being inconsiderate, but it's not the way anyone should be treated. As far as bullying goes, here are some general guidelines:

    When confronted by a bully, you should do your best to stay calm, look him or her in the eye, and in a strong, commanding voice exclaim, “Stop!” Or if joking is easy for you, you could look them in the eye, laugh, and keep walking. This can catch the bully off guard. If you’re in a situation where speaking up seems too difficult or not safe, just walk away and keep walking. Immediately find the nearest adult who can stop the bullying on the spot. Don’t fight back unless it is required to get away or to physically defend yourself.

    As a way of prevention against future attacks, talk to an adult you trust, stay away from places where bullies hang out, and only move about in places where adults are present. Whatever you do, don’t bottle-up your feelings. Talking about the issue, especially with school administrators, teachers, and parents can make you feel less alone. These are people who can help put an end to the bullying.

    If you wishe to talk about this anymore, you may wish to call a Tenn Crisis Line. Many are available 24/7.

    AG, Counselor

    Source(s): Boys Town National Hotline 1-800-448-3000
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