I need a better way to take exams... Advice?

I have just realized that I am a bad test taker. My mind tends to get fogged up all the time, especially when the proctor says how much time I have left or if I'm nervous. I try gum/mints, I do process of elimination, etc - but I always end up messingup.

For an example. I just got out of my chemistry exam. I felt SOOO confident taking it and leaving. But now I'm reviewing my exam (it was multiple choice, we keep the exam) - I've made some dumb mistakes. Like the answer would go into my mind, but I circled the wrong answer. Or just circling in a random answer that I KNOW isn't right at all. I feel really really bad. But I do realize that on the beginning part, I didn't make any mistakes. I even checked over my work....

I also try writing things down on the back, but that didn't even work in this case. I need help, I can't keep doing this to myself.

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  • 6 years ago
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    You have performance anxiety. The best way to combat this is to practice taking tests under the same conditions when you are studying. Use your old tests and retake them with a timer and complete silence as if you are taking the real exam. Don't rush and carefully check your exam before turning it in.

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