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How long after starting smoking do most people wnat to quit?

Most smokers want to quit. Starting to smoke is a bit rough as well. How long does the period last where they are happy that they have gotten past the hacking that came with there first cigarettes and are glad that they are smokers?

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    Actually, when you first try a cigarette you cant get addicted. It takes a fair few of them to actually be addicted. Smokers are idiots! They start smoking, they tell themselves how cool they are and they are completely missing the point!! You mays well shoot yourself in the head, because your killing yourself slower and slower everyday with every smoke you have!

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    7 years ago

    Nicotine mimics neurotransmitter acetylcholine which causes the brain to produce the "feel good hormone" dopamine. In a nutshell cigarette becomes a stress and anxiety relief your brain rests on easy nicotine to make you feel happy and doesn't try to do it through natural ways which become difficult. The brain becomes too lazy to naturally stimulate happiness and rests on easy nicotine. Also some people have special nicotine receptors evolutionary this means they had smoker ancestors and also inherit a tendency to nicotine addiction . The more the smoking years the greater the nicotine tolerance thus you need more nicotine to feel good. The side effects include increased blood pressure increased cholesterol greater chance of clots coronary disease increased blood viscosity.

    P.S. I'm neither a smoker nor planning to start it anytime in my life.

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    Its better to stop it abruptly. I did it when I was in year 9. I started at year 7 and doing it 3 times a day. It will take a lot of care, love and support from the people around him. Try discovering some sports or hobbies that may be of interest to him. (fingers crossed) If there will be a new hobby that he will be busy with, hopefully, he will stop/forget smoking weed. Give hime the support and love he needed but give him the ultimatum also. Do this in a very compassionate but firm tone. Hope this helps.

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    It's better to not start smoking. It can take a while to stop. Alcohol & drugs are the same way. Don't start = not getting addicted.

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