I just heard that it is illegal to...?

dress for Halloween as a member of the clergy in Alabama... Does that really make any sense?

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    There are a lot of laws that may have made sense when first enacted that may not make sense now or our culture has deemed not really illegal. They are called Blue Laws.There is a law that makes adultery illegal. Occasionally a spouse has actually pressed charges for adultery. Nowadays few would say it is illegal even if immoral. Originally they were religious oriented.

    Here are some samples - I do not know if these are really laws or not.

    In Florida it is illegal to fart in public after six o'clock in the evening on Sundays

    In Massachusetts it is illegal to go to bed without bathing, however, in the same state, law prohibits bathing on Sundays

    In New York when a person jumps off a building it is against the law and they are sentenced to death.

    In Alabama it is illegal to wear a fake mustache to make people laugh in church.

    In Alabama it illegal to throw salt on railroad tracks, and death is the penalty.

    In Los Angeles courts it is illegal to cry on the stand.

    In California it is illegal to bath two babies in the same bath at the same time. No alcoholic beverage is allowed within five hundred fee of a cash register in a store that sells both alcohol and gasoline in California. - See more at: http://stupid-laws.laws.com/crazy-laws#sthash.MEI5...

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    this message is to all those who think they know the bible Halloween means all hallows eve which translates to holy evening also click the link for more information as for the attire i think its ridiculous

  • Of course not. I doubt anyone has EVER been convicted, since it would clearly violate the 1st amendment.

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    Yes, Halloween is one of Satan's celebrations.

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