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Rate my fantasy basketball team out of 1-10?

1. Stephan Curry (PG,SG)

2. Dwyane Wade (PG.SG)

3. Tim Duncan (PF,C)

4. Ryan Anderson (PF,C)

5. Ande Iguodala (SG,SF)

6. Jonas Valanciunas (C)

7. Marcin Gortat (C)

8. Gerald Henderson (SG,SF)

9. Anderson Varejao (PF,C)

10. Arron Affalo (SG,SF)

11. Kyle Korver (SG,SF)

12. Rodney Stuckey (PG,SG)

13. Kris Humphries (PF)

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    I'll say 8 or so, pretty solid line-up you have there. While Curry is the big name, I like the talented lesser names you filled out the roster with. Anderson, Varejao, Gortat, and Jonas are great gets for you (especially if what you posted is draft order). You have pretty solid positional coverage too, which is always a plus.

    The downsides I see are as follows:

    I don't care to see Wade and Duncan rated so highly/both on your team. That's taking a big risk on aging players that you KNOW won't be playing every game. They've already started resting Wade's knees this season for whole games, and we all know Pop has been doing it with Duncan for years. This is NOT an ideal situation for you, and I considered giving you a 7 just because of it. I'd highly considering trying to dump one of them off on someone else for someone younger. Both have a huge value associated with their name, and people who don't see the play time consequences might buy high.

    I also don't care for Iggy in fantasy land all that much. He's a great player, but a good portion of his value is his defense. Since the only fantasy value on defense is blocking, which he really doesn't do, this causes a disconnect between his perceived value and his fantasy value. Also, being on the Warriors, who are loaded with offensive weapons, will cause him to have fewer shots than we'd like.

    Also, if you are in a stat category league, prepare to get killed on assists. But I'm sure you knew that and planned for it. If it is a point based league, then this isn't a big deal. Just something to note for future trades if you are in that kind of league. Might as well drop it entirely and focus on other stuff.

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