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PS4 or build my own gaming PC?

So lately I've been asking myself if I should get the PS4 or build my own gaming PC(with some help of course). The games coming out for the PS4 look great and of course there will be a PC version for those games eventually. But honestly looking at PC games and Console games to me it seems like the fun in PC games last much longer because of the Mods and the graphics are way better also. With Console games the developers release the game and a few dlc's and move on to their next project, basically it feels like your stuck with what the developers give you on the console. Even though plenty of people that I know will be getting the PS4 I think it's a much better investment to build my own gaming PC. But what do you guys think?

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  • 7 years ago

    i would choose pc anytime. Pc is the father of all games and it has the most features. Make sure you get a powerful pc for the most fun. I own consoles and a gaming pc and the pc is my favorite by far. Yeah consoles may have awesome exclusives but Pc have many many more. Thousands of indie games on pc that consoles will never have. Im planning on getting a ps4 though but a few months after it releases. If i were you buddy, ill choose the Gaming PC

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  • 7 years ago

    ps4 has less mods but less maintenance so the argument works both ways and there is more people on mic on consoles so i would say ps4. But i would ask yourself how worth it are mods to have less friends when playing online games?

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  • Martin
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    7 years ago

    PS4 would be much better and cheaper option

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