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R&P: Name some artists/bands/albums that will be exemplifed musical style of the 00's/10's?

I'll give out a given.

MBTF by Kanye West

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    You think that MBDTF is and will be an example of the types of productions used in these two decades? I feel like, of all his albums, that's the one which is least likely to be a landmark in terms of musical characteristics. Kanye's shtick has always been to take trends bubbling right beneath the surface of the music scene and putting his own mark on it with a bit of polish and pop influence. The soulfulness of the early 2000's in TCD, the slow rise of trip hop and generally more melodic and instrumental pop production (which influenced popular hip hop as well) was embodied in LR, the increased prevalence of electronic in Graduation, it's culmination in the form of autotuned electropop in 808's & Heartbreak, dubstep in Watch the Throne, and the recent more industrial movement that's gained popularity headed by Chief Keef and Death Grips in Yeezus. MBDTF is the least associated with any specific musical movement, rather a more general incorporation of each of those elements in lesser degrees but driven by an overall grand instrumental feeling.

    At least in the area of hip hop, I would say albums that have defined musical movements in the past 15 years, and that will influence the music to come in this decade are:

    Black Star

    Black on Both Sides

    The Marshall Mathers LP

    The Love Below




    The Heist

    Tha Carter III

    Trap Muzik

    The Fix


    There are doubtlessly more - those are just ones I'm coming up with on relatively short notice.

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