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what volume of Carbon monoxide is required to react with 1.45g of FeO at STP?

During the making of steel, iron (II) oxide is reduced to metallic iron by treatment with carbon monoxide gas.

2nd question: what volume of CO2(g) is produced from this same amount of FeO at STP

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  • John
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    FeO + CO → Fe + CO₂ ===> remember the molar gas volume (the volume of 1 mole of any gas at STP = 22.4-dm³)

    a.) 1.45-g FeO x ( 1 mol FeO / 71.8-g FeO) x (1 mol CO / 1 mol FeO) x (22.4-dm³ CO / 1 mol CO) = 0.452-dm³ CO

    b.) Since of equation shows 1 mol (or 1 dm³ since its a gas) of CO produces the same quantity of CO₂, the volume of CO₂ will also be the same - that is, it's also 0.452-dm³

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  • Al
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    7 years ago

    Equation please.

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