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Makeup Brush Questions?


So I am really bad at cleaning my makeup brushes because I am kind of lazy. But I know it's really bad not to clean my brushes. Occasionally I deep clean with dish soap but I don't really like it because I feel like it's not doing a good job. In stores where I live I cannot find any brush cleansers. So I was wondering, what products can I use to spot clean and to deep clean? Like can I use a face wash or something?

Also what is the best way to dry them? I usually lay mine out on a paper towel and leave them overnight but sometimes they aren't totally dry.

Thank you so much!


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    Hey there!

    I was the same way with cleaning my brushes - a little bit lazy about it and I thought that it was more of a chore so I never wanted to do it. However, recently, I found a MUCH easier way to clean brushes. Being a college student on a low budget I highly suggest using only two simple ingredients for cleaning your brushes: an antibacterial dish soap (I find that Dawn works best) and hair conditioner (preferably one that smells nice to you).

    Step 1: Mix equal parts dish soap and hair conditioner in a small container.

    Step 2: Dip your brush into the mixture and swirl it around a bit. (Don't worry if the mixture starts to get dirty after doing this for a while- that only means that it's working!)

    Step 3: Swirl around the brush in the palm of your hand.

    Step 4: Rinse it. (Keep repeating step 3 & 4 until the brush is totally clean)

    Step 5: Gently squeeze any excess water out.

    It is crucial that you do this at least once a week or so - you don't want to keep applying nasty acne-causing bacteria to your face every time you apply makeup.

    Another important thing to mention is that you should ALWAYS dry your brushes upside down so that water doesn't seep down into the brush and loosen the glue that holds the bristles together- that'll ruin your brushes. I have a little mechanism set up that anyone can do - I have a command hook on the side of my windowsill in my dorm room and I tie my brushes together with a rubber hair tie. Then I take one of those little clips that you keep your keys on and hook it through the rubber hair tie and hang it from the command hook. Stick a cup underneath to collect any water that will be pulled out and voilà - they'll be dry in a matter of hours.

    And that's how you deep clean your brushes! The dish soap will kill any bacteria while the hair conditioner will keep them soft and smelling nice!

    If you're looking for a product to spot clean, I highly suggest the elf daily brush cleanser. It's only $3 and they always have coupon deals on their websites. It's good to use on concealer brushes and the like that can easily transfer all of that nasty acne-causing bacteria and it dries relatively quickly.

    Here's where you can get it: http://www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/brushes/brush-a...

    I hope I helped and I'm sorry that I practically wrote a book! I just wish that someone would have told me this sooner and I thought that I should give as much info as possible. Happy cleaning!

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    Hair shampoo works well. Maybe as a reminder, you could set aside a certain day of the week - or month - to wash them.Good luck!

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  • 7 years ago

    I use wet wipes

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