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Is winning the World Series becoming routine, Red Sox Nation?

I'm thrilled with this win because nobody saw it coming. It was supposed to be the Blue Jays as the team to beat in the AL East. But, it's not the same exhuberance as it was in '04, or even '07.

How about you?

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    You make a good point, however I've learned that it's never routine winning a championship. Each one should be savoured and enjoyed. No team is guaranteed anything at the start of each season. Only the media makes the predictions and as you've said, the Blue Jays, heavily favored to win the division were never really a serious contender.

    Please don't take the Red Sox victory for granted. Just have fun with it. It makes the winter months not seem as cold, for sure! Here's to pitchers and catchers on Feb. 15th!

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    I wouldn't call it a routine. They might win another one with in the next 5 years, but not too many. Even though I am a Yankee, and hate the Red Sox, they do have the potential to win a couple more soon, but they have a slim chance of going on a routine.

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    No, it should never be looked at that way. Each championship should be cherished and taken for what it is. Just because they have one three in the last nine years some may take it lightly. This team was never expected to go from last to world champions in one year. I applaud them for what they did. The blue jays the media was so wrong about. I never thought they could contend especially being in the AL east a tough one at that.

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    No. They've won three in 10 seasons. That's great, but it's hardly "routine." The Red Sox lost 93 games just a year ago. Be glad Ben Cherington is a great GM and enjoy the championship.

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    Not necessarily "routine" so to speak. Winning the three championships since 2000 isn't a sign of routiness, but rather a polished ball club. The goal in baseball is to win the world series, (the ultimate award) and if you do, there is always reason to celebrate. #bostonstrong.

    Sorry about the poor structure it my answer, it's late where I live!

    God Bless

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    Championships are never routine, when they're accomplished you never know when the next one will be. When the Mets won in '86, I though it was the first of many with the roster they had, and they haven't had one since then, 27 years now.

    Savor all of them, anyone of them could be the last one you see in your lifetime.

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    NO! And if Red Sox fans don't stop rubbing it in your going to become more popularily known as WORM NATION! Make Boston proud and show some humility, no one likes braggarts.

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