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Assisted suicide in USA?

I understand that assisted suicide is allowed in some states of the usa.. is there limitations? required to be american for it? I highly support the right to die and I don't want to do it myself because it would be dramatic.. pls no psychological help responses i just wanna know if its possible for a Canadian citizen


ty for the help.. I don't have a successful future because we are slaves to society and we don't have the right to die so I guess I have to do it myself thanks to our joyful government.. my best bet is to join a campaign against obama and be assassinated.

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    While assisted suicide is legal in a few states, there are significant restrictions. In general, you must be a resident of the state, and you must get a doctor (or two) to sign off on your condition before prescribing the suicide medication. Also, the medication must be self-administered by the person wishing to die.

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    It's not for just anyone that wants to die. You must have a terminal illness that your quality of life will degrade, and be treated by your doctor for it. And all it consists of is your doctor writing you a prescription for a lethal dose of some medication (I think morphine?), but you are the one that has to take it.

    So if you are thinking someone from Canada can come to the US in one of those states to have a doctor write a prescription, it's not likely to happen.

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    You have to be both a citizen and a resident of the state where it is legal. Two doctors have to certify you as terminal and a Psychiatrist has to do a work-up to be sure you are not depressed (which is highly treatable.)

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    I think the answers you've gotten so far are on the money.

    I think you have a misconception of 'assisted suicide', it is not to allow suicidal people to commit suicide, it's for terminally ill folks to end their life on their own terms and with dignity.

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    Go to a therapist. Please. At least try that.

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